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Call Center Agent Retention

Four Reasons Why Contact Centers Need to Have a Positive Work Culture

Do you ever wonder how customer-oriented call centers continue to maintain excellence in providing quality service? Three words: Positive Work Culture. Merriam Webster defines culture as a shared set of values, beliefs, practices, and goals within an organization. Simply put,…

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A Positive Approach to Call Center Stress

Center in the Philippines - Call center stress

Stress indeed has been regarded as a major threat to call centers in the Philippines. The cost of workplace stress is a serious matter in a company. How do inbound and telemarketing agents react to increased job stress? They are more likely to use sick time, have low morale and experience interpersonal conflict on the job, and this stress leads to decreased productivity, increased injuries, accidents and even workplace bullying and violence.

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Call Center Career: Understanding Job Interview

Call Center in the Philippines - Job Interview Tips

If you notice, most jobs featured in a jobs listing website are positions for business process outsourcing (BPO) companies. Among these jobs are customer service assistants and Philippine call center agents which are in fact, high paying jobs. That’s why it’s very important for job seekers to understand and prepare for job interviews because this maybe the beginning of your career path. You might be one of hundreds of people who respond to a job opening. However, most of the people who respond won’t get interviewed.

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