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How Contract Processing Call Centers Can Make Your Life Easier

Contract Processing

Contract Processing

There are tasks that business owners just can’t do without — contract processing is one of them.

Without taking the time to get the menial task of contract processing done, you are bound to paralyze your business — that’s how crucial the task is.

However, despite its importance, it’s worth considering if you, as a business owner, really need to do the job yourself.

Afterall, with how important the role you play in a company, you ought to only do things that can really help move the needle in terms of gaining more revenue and growing your company to greater heights.

The good news is, the answer is a big fat “NO!”

You don’t have to do contract processing yourself. You can work with a business processing outsourcing call center to help you with just that.

That way, you can focus on the more important parts of your business.

Allow me to share with you 3 things that you need to consider before collaborating with a business processing outsourcing call center to get your contract processing tasks done.

1. Skilled workforce

BPO companies often have a team of experienced contract processors who are as skilled and as knowledgeable as senior loan officers.

Having a team of skilled professionals handle your contract processing tasks can ensure that your contracts are processed with unsurpassed accuracy.

3. Affordable

Instead of spending thousands of dollars recruiting and putting together a team to do your contract processing tasks in-house, you can get the task done even while spending less by working with a BPO company.

When partnered with a business process outsourcing company, businesses no longer need to spend on infrastructure, equipment, and tools to do their contract processing. All of these are handled by the BPO, helping the business owners leverage the assets brought to the table by BPO companies.

3. High level of professionalism

Having a skilled team to help you is one thing, but making sure that your team has a high level of professionalism is another.

With such a team in your arsenal, you can be assured of consistent, reliable, and top quality results.

Call centers in the Philippines have a pool of skilled workers with a high level of professionalism.

With the country’s culture’s inclination towards respect, hard work, and uncompromising commitment towards genuinely helping others, recruiting graduates with a high level of professionalism is easy for call centers.

What’s next?

If you’re looking for a business processing outsourcing call center to help you with your contract processing tasks, then feel free to reach out to us.

Here at EB Call Center, we’ve helped businesses of varying sizes with their contract processing needs. We are proud, and humbled, to say that our clients are happy with our services.

Here’s what some of our clients have to say about our services:

“We had never used a call center in the Philippines before working with Executive Boutique. We were concerned about how the agents would sound and whether our customers would feel comfortable talking to them. We were pleasantly surprised after we interviewed the team of agents that were proposed for our customer support team. They all sounded great and had a lot of prior customer support experience. Thus far our clients have been really happy with the service. With the low hourly rate we were able to double our support hours to 16 hours a day”


“Our marketing relies heavily on weekly emails to our customer base. We had a database of over 23,000 potential customers that we had built up over the years though we suspected that a portion were out of business or the primary point of contact had changed. We were concerned about getting email SPAM complaints and really knew that we needed to do a major update of our list. We didn’t have the internal manpower to call each company and update their info. Executive Boutique was able to do this for us quickly and for a lot less than I anticipated. Overall its been a great experience”


For more inquiries, call us now at 1-888-700-9555.

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The Advantages of Working With Forms Processing Call Centers

Forms Processing Call Centers

Forms Processing Call CentersOrganizing and processing paperwork is inevitable in business operations. From medical bills, insurance claims, tax returns, registration and enrollment forms, order forms, subscription forms, rental contracts, lease agreements, invoices, expense reports — the list goes on.

Thorough, accurate and timely processing of forms is crucial because for many businesses, these documents form the backbone of their daily operations – from accepting their submission, to transmitting them to different divisions or business partners, to the various methods of their handling and processing.

Effective management of documents and unstructured data is a critical task for every organization; If not handled properly, companies may be slapped with serious penalties and expensive lawsuits.

A survey carried out on companies show that processing documents takes too long and document volume is growing too quickly.

This is where processing call centers can make all the difference and become an indispensable partner in running your business. We can process and manage your forms efficiently and correctly, allowing your company to focus more on other important business matters.

The following are more reasons why you should work with forms processing call centers:

1.Operational Efficiency with a Highly Skilled Workforce

You instantly have highly trained workforce available and working for you without having to worry about looking for, screening and training individuals.

BPO companies have been consistent in delivering superior customer service. Rather than spending more time and resources on hiring staff, work with a highly reliable BPO company instead.

2.Allows Company Owners and Operators to focus more on Core Business

Since a big chunk of the operation is being delegated to an outsourced service provider, top management can now focus more on core operational areas such as expansion, driving revenue, client acquisition and product development.

Not only will working with the right forms processing call center lead to increased employee productivity, but owners and operators are able to make more sound and informed business decisions.

3.Reduction in Operational Costs

Delegating certain functions and administrative tasks to an offshore company will most certainly help in the decrease of expenditure.

Forms processing call centers are not only cost-efficient, they also ensure companies maintain a high quality of service to its customers.

Here at EB Call Center, we offer the following services to our clients:

  • Tax forms processing
  • Subscription forms processing
  • Lawsuits and claims processing
  • Shipping and duty forms
  • Contract forms processing
  • Mortgage and financial forms processing
  • Marketing questionnaires and polls
  • Enrollment, application and registration
  • Coupon and rebate redemption forms
  • Rental and lease agreements
  • Email forms processing
  • Order fulfillment processing
  • Payroll forms processing
  • Order fulfillment processing
  • Payroll forms processing
  • Student forms
  • Medical forms processing
  • Insurance forms processing
  • Resume processing
  • Product and warranty registration

What’s next?

Forms processing doesn’t have to be a daunting and time-consuming task for companies. Leave that to the experts so you can focus more on crucial business matters!

If you are thinking of outsourcing your back office services to the Philippines, contact us today at 1-888-700-9555. You may also send us an email at info@ebcallcenter.com.

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7 Motivational Quotes to Combat Burnout and Frustration

Are you feeling burnt out lately? Have your sales numbers taken a dip? A lack of motivation and inspiration can start to negatively affect your work, relationships and overall health. Successful and happy individuals all have one thing in common – they stay motivated. Whether you’ve been in a long-term slump or are simply dealing with temporary frustration after a bad call, these motivation quotes will keep you driven through the toughest times.

“What seems to us as bitter trials are often blessings in disguise.” – Oscar Wilde

It is important to remember that our hardest times turn us into stronger people and make us more equipped to handle future troubles that are thrown our way.

“Happiness is a butterfly, which when pursued, is always beyond your grasp, but which, if you will sit down quietly, may alight upon you.” – Nathaniel Hawthorne

Too often, we find that the harder we search for happiness and purpose, the more elusive they seem to be. Remember to be patient and keep an open heart and mind.

“You can’t connect the dots looking forward; you can only connect them looking backwards. So, you have to trust that the dots will somehow connect in your future. You have to trust in something – your gut, destiny, life, karma, whatever. This approach has never let me down, and it has made all the difference in my life.” – Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs was a technological pioneer, and surely went through periods of doubt, whether in his own abilities or the prospects of his projects. Trust that if you make the best decisions you can, everything will work out.

“The number one reason people fail in life is because they listen to their friends, family, and neighbors.” – Napoleon Hill

We all struggle with how much weight we should put into the opinions of others. No one is living your life but you, and you should make choices on your own accord because you believe the route you’re taking is best.

“If you don’t value your time, neither will others. Stop giving away your time and talents; start charging for it.” – Kim Garst

It is incredibly easy to give too much of yourself away to the people or jobs you care about. Make sure that you are investing in relationships that give you a feeling of growth or satisfaction.

“If you look at what you have in life, you’ll always have more. If you look at what you don’t have in life, you’ll never have enough.” – Oprah Winfrey

Don’t get caught up in wishing you had more. Be grateful for what you have – and if you need more, take action rather than simply dreaming. Focusing on the positive will serve you better and make you more likely to attract or earn what you want most.

“Remember that not getting what you want is sometimes a wonderful stroke of luck.” – Dalai Lama

Life doesn’t always work perfectly in our favor. It’s crucial to remember that a seemingly foolproof plan can fail, and that isn’t always a bad thing. Sometimes unexpected paths will lead you to a better future.

Staying motivated applies to all aspects of our lives, no matter how big or small. The next time you’re feeling workplace burnout, take a moment to reflect on the advice within the above quotes. Remember that you have the power to find motivation if only you choose to see it in the small reminders around you.

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How Data Entry Services Can Help You Save Time and Money

Data Entry Services

Data Entry ServicesNo matter how seemingly mundane and lackluster data entry might be, most businesses can’t continue to operate without getting the task done. Afterall, if a business were to forego orders processing, data extraction/analysis, and invoice processing (among other data entry tasks), they’d be frightfully crippled.

What makes data entry even more vexing is it nibbles on the time and productivity of business owners — especially for startups who lack the manpower to handle the business’ administrative tasks.

The good news, however, is a good bit of the data entry tasks can be outsourced.

Business process outsourcing call centers can help companies with their data entry tasks at a fraction of the cost — all while ensuring that the responsibilities are handled by professionals experienced in data entry tasks.

Here are several ways data entry services can help companies save time and money.

1. Avoid recruitment-related costs.

Acquiring top talent can be quite costly.

Not only does it take time (and manpower) to weed out the applicants who have a real chance of getting hired (over those who do not), but the administrative tasks needed to get the job done isn’t exactly a walk in the park either.

When working with a business process outsourcing call center, business owners need not spend on recruitment and screening costs since BPO companies have a flock of skilled professionals who can do their data entry tasks.

2. Avoid spending on infrastructure and tools.

Because business process outsourcing companies have the infrastructure and tools needed to perform the data entry tasks, the business owners need not spend on them as well.

Here at EB Call Center, we are equipped with up-to-date programs and tools to help companies with their data entry tasks.

Despite the top of the line infrastructure and tools that we possess, we offer our services at such affordable rates, making us the ideal data entry service provider to partner with.

3. Have professionals do the menial tasks for you.

When you outsource your menial tasks to data entry service providers, you free up a good chunk of your time to do other more crucial tasks that can grow your business like closing deals, building strategic relationships, or orchestrating an expansion.

Another benefit worth pointing out when working with a business process outsourcing company is the relevant and specialized skills that the team possesses.

With the amount of experience the team members of a BPO company possesses, the likelihood of errors and inaccuracies during the data entry tasks occurring drastically decreases.

What’s Next?

While having the right data entry tools can help you finish your data entry tasks a lot sooner, nothing compares to outsourcing your data entry tasks to business process outsourcing call centers.

Not only do BPOs have the infrastructure, tools, and specialized skills, but we also have a pool of talented professionals to get the job done.

To learn more about our data entry services, you can call us at 1-888-700-9555.

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4 Office Tasks You Can Outsource to Increase Your Productivity

Office Tasks

Office TasksLet’s face it: Not all office tasks deserve the keen attention of business owners. After all, a good bit of the tasks most likely aren’t income generating, and will not have a big enough impact on the business.

It’s exactly because of this that outsourcing office tasks are the next best thing since sliced bread for busy entrepreneurs.

Not only will collaborating with business process outsourcing companies give them more time to do the more important parts of their business, but even get to increase their productivity to greater heights.

Let’s look into 4 office tasks that business owners can outsource to increase their productivity.

1. Customer Service / Telemarketing

Outsourcing office tasks to Philippines call centers have proven to be a great boon for business owners.

Not only is the pool of talents in the Philippines highly professional, but they are also equipped with techniques and strategies — tricks of the trade — that can help businesses accomplish their goals.

Providing exemplary customer support, for example.

With the Filipino culture that’s great inclined towards showing hospitality and respect, it’s second nature for Filipinos to talk with courtesy and have the eagerness to help others out — both of which are crucial for providing outstanding customer service.

2. Marketing

Instead of having to personally create a website, sales funnel, and even running paid ads from scratch, business owners can look for a business process outsourcing company in the Philippines to do the job for them.

Whether you’re looking to run lead generation campaigns through outbound calls, online sales funnels, or paid ads, BPO companies in the Philippines like EB Call Center can help you.

3. Payroll

Payroll-related tasks are notoriously labor-intensive and time-consuming. Not only that, but the task also requires specialized skill.

If business owners were to take their time to learn the nitty-gritty of how to properly process their tax and monitor their employees’ attendance, they would only end up losing their valuable time — time they should be using to grow their business and close more deals.

4. Human Resource

Instead of spending thousands of dollars to put together an HR team, businesses can outsource their HR-related task instead.

Doing so will help increase their productivity, help them avoid the hefty costs associated with hiring and screening a new HR team. They can also forget about the hassle and the headache of having to go through countless applicants.

By outsourcing this office task, they also gain access to seasoned professionals who specialize in doing HR work.

What’s Next?

Are you thinking of outsourcing your office tasks to a call center in the Philippines?

With how the country has continuously proven itself to provide exemplary talent to businesses needing help with their office tasks, outsourcing your office tasks to a BPO in the Philippines can help you skyrocket your productivity.

If you need help with your office tasks, contact us now at 1-888-700-9555 or get a free quote from us now.

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Why Forms Processing Call Centers Are Crucial for Your Business

forms processing call centers

forms processing call centersNo matter how much you hate the cumbersome and tedious task of processing forms, it is a responsibility that you cannot escape if you’re running a business.

Whether you’re dealing with vouchers, medical claims, invoices, purchase orders, or legal documents, you need to make sure that your forms are processed without errors and are done on time — otherwise, you run the risk of getting slapped with various penalties.

That’s why forms processing call centers are such invaluable resource for businesses. Not only does the company ensure that the forms are processed correctly (and on time), but there is a myriad of benefits that business can enjoy from working with a forms processing call center.

Let’s take a closer look at what those other benefits are:

1. It gives businesses access to highly-trained talent.

Finding talented, yet, highly-professional workforce is in and of itself a tedious task — something that most business owners would be hard-pressed to do, especially with all the tasks they have on their plate.

When working with a forms processing call center, however, the business owners can forget about the process of hiring new employees and screening them.

BPOs often have a myriad of agents that are equipped with the skills, professionalism, and commitment to get the job done.

2. It helps business owners focus on the most important parts of their business.

The more time business owners have, the more they can focus on the aspects of their business that really moves the needle.

Expansion, sales, client acquisition, and product development, these are just some of the many things that business owners should be focusing on.

Forms processing, on the other hand, is a task that business owners don’t necessarily need to handle. It would be counterproductive for them to use their time processing forms instead of growing the company.

A better solution would be for them to outsource the task to a forms processing call center so they can be certain that the task is done the right way.

3. Reduce cost

Instead of spending hundreds of thousands of dollars on hiring, equipment, training, wages, and rent just to get their forms done, they can work with a reliable forms processing call center.

Here at EB Call Center, we offer a plethora of forms processing services:

  • Tax forms processing
  • Subscription forms processing
  • Lawsuits and claims processing
  • Shipping and duty forms
  • Contact forms processing
  • Mortgage and financial forms processing
  • Marketing questionnaires and polls
  • Enrollment, application, and registration
  • Coupon and rebate redemption forms
  • Rental and lease agreements
  • Email forms processing
  • Order fulfillment processing
  • Payroll forms processing
  • Student forms
  • Medical forms processing
  • Insurance forms processing
  • Resume processing
  • Product and warranty registration

What’s next?

Forms processing doesn’t have to be a neck-breaking experience for businesses. With a forms processing call center, companies need not spend a single hour manually dealing with their forms.

If you need help with business processing in the Philippines, reach out to us now. Email us at info@ebcallcenter.com.

We are an American- and Australian-owned BPO company that’s strategically located in the Philippines. We have state of the art facilities, redundant generators, enterprise-grade network infrastructure, skilled agents, seasoned management team, and our services are affordable.

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Why Startups Need to Partner with a Data Mining Call Center

Data Mining Call Center

Data Mining Call CenterFrom a 30,000 ft. perspective, data mining is the process of searching, collecting, sorting, and analyzing data. The goal is to turn raw and unstructured data into useful information that organizations can use.

From the definition alone, anyone that’s running a business startup can picture out how powerful data mining can be for their businesses.

After all, with the right strategies in place, startups don’t necessarily need to take the backseat when competing against their more established competitors.

With the right data mining campaign in place, startups can uncover untapped opportunities and put together a business strategy that can help them dominate the niche they’re operating in.

It’s because of this that BPO call centers in the Philippines have gained the attention of businesses — regardless of their size. Partnering with the right data mining call center can help skyrocket the growth of a business startup, all without them having to spend thousands of dollars.

Here are some of the reasons why business startups should work with a data mining call center:

1. Learn About Your Customer’s Behavior

If you own an ecommerce store and you’re selling a myriad of products, it pays to uncover which among your products have a higher likelihood of getting bought, which ones aren’t getting bought at all, and the products in between.

It’s when startups have this data when they can optimize their marketing budget by promoting the products that their audience are craving for, and cutting (or removing altogether) their marketing budget on products that their audience are ignoring.

A BPO call center in the Philippines can help startups with just that — acquiring data and determining which of their products are gaining traction, and those that are totally ignored.

2. Make Better Business Decisions

Data mining call centers can help startups collect and analyze data for patterns and outcomes.

This, in turn, enables startups owners to make better business decisions based on hard, cold data, instead of simply using their gut feel.

There are a plethora of data mining services that business startups can take advantage of to have a better landscape of their business’ dynamics.

Here are some of the most common — and helpful — data mining services that we offer to our clients, that has helped them generate leads and sales.

  • Web data mining
  • PDF data mining
  • Social media data mining
  • Market data extraction & interpretation
  • SQL database mining

With these data mining services, we’ve helped our clients optimize their business operations, giving them a better insight of which “arm” and “leg” of their business is working, and which ones aren’t. Not only that, but we’ve also helped them generate sales.

3. Improve Customer Loyalty

Through data mining, startups can gain a better understanding of what their customers considered valuable.

SAAS companies, for example, can determine what their customers like about their service the most when working with a BPO call center in the Philippines to help them with gathering the data.

As the company determines which features their software possesses that their customers like, they can start improving their products based on their customer’s wants (and needs), which then helps in strengthening their relationship with their customers.

What’s Next?

If you’re looking for a reliable data mining call center to help you with mining data and generating leads, you can call us at 1-888-700-9555 or email us at info@ebcallcenter.com.

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5 Voice Tips for Dealing with Customers Over the Phone

Have you ever had communication with someone turn sour because you came across as angry or frustrated, even if you weren’t? It happens to all of us, and it can be very frustrating. Often, these conflicts can be easily avoided by being more conscious of your tone of voice. This goes for customer service as well. Since most of your interactions with customers will take place over the phone, it’s important to remain conscious and purposeful in verbal communication. Here are 5 helpful voice tips for dealing with customers over the phone.

1) Pay attention to context.

While customers typically prefer a casual, friendly tone, each person is different. A good customer support provider should be able to assess the situation and adapt to it appropriately. It is best to start with a neutral tone and change it according to your customer’s demeanor.

2) Identify the tone you would like to use with the customer.

The first step in communicating effectively is to be clear in how you want to portray yourself. Do you want to seem smart and casual, empathetic and understanding, or humorous and entertaining? While these are just a few examples, consciously choosing your intended tone of voice can provide a good framework for positive communication.

3) Be aware of the speed at which you’re speaking.

Talking quickly or slowly is an easy trap to fall into, especially if you’re nervous. However, it can be detrimental to your experience with a customer. Whether you’re speaking too fast or too slow, both can make your customer nervous, or perhaps lull them to sleep. Practice speaking at a moderate pace by recording your voice and playing it back to get a good idea of your tempo and adjust it accordingly.

4) Be conscious of your breathing.

Most people can become shallow breathers when they are under pressure. This is problematic because when it happens, your vocal chords can tighten, making your voice’s pitch sound high and strained. You can fix this by trying to take slow, deep breaths. It’ll help you relax, bring down your pitch, and create a calmer tone of voice. You also don’t want to be breathing directly into the phone, as this will distort anything you’re saying to the customer.

5) Smile while you’re speaking.

Even though no one will see your face, smiling while you speak is a good way to get into a positive tone of voice. When you smile, the soft palate at the back of your mouth rises and makes sound waves more fluid. If you sing, you have probably noticed that the wider you open your mouth, the better tone you get – this can also apply when you’re on the phone. Smiling helps your voice sound clearer, friendlier, and more receptive.

Effective customer service requires close analyzation of each situation and the ability to adapt to new circumstances. Every customer has unique needs, and your talent in identifying the correct response is what sets you – and the business you work for – apart from the rest to truly get the job done right and efficiently satisfy the caller. Always ensure that your phone communication is enhanced with a proper tone of voice and speed of conversation.

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What a Data Mining Call Center Can Do To Help Your Business

Data Mining Call Center

Data Mining Call CenterKnowing everything about the landscape your business operates in is vital. As they say, the one who has the information needed to make the right decisions wins the war that is business.

This is why you should invest resources in a data mining program specifically targeting your market. It’s an investment that’s equally important as raising capital and creating marketing campaigns.

Why is that so? It’s because there are many benefits that data mining and research can bring to your business.

Benefits of Data Mining to Businesses

Data mining holds vital importance in the retail markets, for instance. According to ZenTut, data mining allows retailers to build historical data on customer behavior.

With accurate customer behavior data gleaned from timely information, marketers can determine what approach to take to reach projected sales figures for a new product or service.

ZenTut also points to the importance of data mining in financial institutions. For instance, data mining can give banks and loan companies information on a person’s credit standing.

If a client comes applying for a specific type of loan, creditors can use data mining to determine a person’s credit history and determine if he or she can be eligible for the loan or not.

Data mining is also a tool that can be used by government agencies to detect criminal activities committed by its citizens.

For instance, government agencies can launch data mining of an institution’s financial transactions to spot illegal money laundering practices and links to criminal organizations.

By now, you’ve already appreciated how important data mining is to your business, regardless of what your niche market is. It’s high time that you start thinking of undertaking this task now.

You Should Outsource Your Data Mining to a Data Mining Call Center

This is where a data mining call center comes in to help you out. While you can do data mining on your own, it’d be more advantageous if you outsource this part of your business.

You can enjoy the following benefits if you outsource your data mining and other business processes to a third-party offshore company, as outlined by Business Daily News:

1. 24-hour service

Time zones don’t matter anymore when outsourcing to a BPO call center in the Philippines. These companies              can do data mining even beyond your opening hours.

2.Guaranteed expertise

An outsourced call center trains its employees to do one specific task, and that guarantees expertise. You can                rest assured that you can get the results that you spent your money on.

3.Fixed expenses

Outsourcing business processes to a third-party call center is friendlier to the budget than building your team.    They handle training expenses, for instance. You only pay a fixed rate per month.

In other words, outsourcing your data mining needs to a BPO call center in the Philippines allows you to obtain the business information that you need, without being compelled to invest money in building and training your team.

You also free up human resources in your local team, whom you can assign to more important tasks they can concentrate on. All of these benefits are yours for only a fixed rate per month.

What other benefits of data mining and outsourcing can you think of? Let us know in the comments section below.

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23 Tried and Tested Selling Tips from Accomplished Sales Experts


SalesMake no mistake, selling isn’t for the faint of heart.

To succeed in influencing your prospective customers into buying your products, you need to have the grit, character, and integrity.

Not only that, but you also need to have the right elements in place to make the sale happen, like a data mining call center, leads, decent equipment, and a skilled sales team.

Most business owners get all of these from working with a BPO call center in the Philippines. With the highly-skilled workforce and affordable services that BPOs offer in the country, it makes perfect sense for companies — regardless of their size — to do so.

If you’re personally about to embark on a sales campaign, however, and you’re looking for strategies that you can use to improve your chances of selling, then allow us to share with you several tried and tested sales strategies from the sales experts that we reached out to.

Let’s hop right in.

1. Dan Jourdan, Sales Coach, The Sales Energizer

Talk to more people. Phone, In person, E-mail, Social, Smoke signal whatever…talk to more people!

2. Jane Mims, Executive Coach, TalentCore Coaching

Know your customer. Far too many sales associates approach prospects ready to sell a product or service & launch right in. Taking the time to listen to the customer before getting into a product or service pitch can help create a long term sales relationship.

3. Susan A. Enns, B2B Sales Coach & Author, B2BSalesConnections.com

If you are not using a CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system, start. If you do and your contacts are only organized alphabetically like the phone book, reorganize it chronologically.

Over the past 30 plus years, any time I have worked with entrepreneurs and sales people to change their filing method of contacts from alphabetical to the date of next contact, follow up activities, and more importantly sales results improve dramatically!

4. Bob Urichuck,  International Professional Speaker, Trainer, Author & Founder, Velocity Selling

Rather than focusing on money or return on investment – ROI, think about return on time invested – ROTI. Getting the best ROTI starts with setting an objective – what is it you want to accomplish and by when.

5. Russ Lombardo, President & Founder, PEAK Sales Consulting

We’ve all heard that listening skills are one of the most important skills a salesperson can have. There’s no doubt that this is true. However, the best listening skills in the world are useless if what you’re listening to is useless information.

To ensure you’re listening to valuable information, you have to ask value-based questions. The tip to follow is to ask the right questions and the right kind of questions. The right questions are ones that uncover your prospect’s pains and challenges.

The right kind of questions are ones that are open-ended and designed to get a person to explain or elaborate on their response, and they begin with Who, What, When, Where, Why and How. Examples of how these types of questions come together include, “How is that affecting your customer retention?” or “Why are you looking to improve that process?” or “What happens if nothing changes?”

These types of questions get people to open up and explain their situations, conditions and challenges. Just be sure to exercise your good listening skills when they respond.

6. Don, Business Brainstormer, Speaker, and Consultant, Don The Idea Guy

Many times a “No” from a prospect simply means “not now”. Stick around, stay in touch, and keep sending valuable insights about your customer’s industry to aid in their success. Business needs are fluid and change frequently.

Other vendors (not you, of course!) drop the ball and fail to follow through on promises. Keeping in contact even after a “No” allows you stay up to date on the prospect’s situation and in position to step quickly in when needed.

7. Marc Jantzen, MD & Founder, TheNub

Before the sales conversation ask yourself “what do I not want to be asked” then list those questions and prepare your answers to your best of your ability.

Prepare so well that you don’t have to think about what you are going to say, or worry about any question you might get asked, so that you can remain completely ‘present in the moment’ enabling you to truly listen to both verbal and non-verbal cues which will enable you to connect with the customer, understand what’s really on their mind and then sell them what they want/need.

8. Clara Capano, Owner, Capano Consulting

Focus on the relationship and not the sale. We forget that “selling” is not our job, but rather our job is connection. When we look to connect, to serve , to be a resource – that is the start of it all. The “sale” is the by product of our ability to connect. Long term success comes from being relational and not transactional.

So my tip is to focus your day on who you can serve and how you can be a resource to others… the rest will take care of itself.

9. James E. Dion, President, Dionco Inc.

Features, attributes and benefits of products are components so closely linked that Sales Professionals refer to them as “FAB. ” The features of a product are those things we can see, touch, smell, taste or hear. In other words, features are what are immediately obvious to our senses. They are concrete and directly observable and, therefore, noticeable by the Customer. The crystal of a glass and the silk fabric of a blouse are features.

The attributes of a product are what the features do. Crystal makes a glass thin and delicate and provides a very clear surface. Silk is soft to the touch and “breathes,” allowing air both in and out. Those are its attributes.

Features and attributes, however, do not sell a product nor do they pique a Customer’s interest. Benefits do that.

Demonstrating the benefit of a product involves taking the product’s features and attributes and explaining, not just what they do, but what they can do for your Customer. In other words, the benefit statement means translating an attribute (what the product does) into a personal statement of what the product can do for your Customer. A benefit statement always evokes the Customer’s enjoyment or gain from the product.

For example, it is one thing to say that a coat is made of wool. It is another to add that wool is the warmest of natural fibers. But to say this wool coat will make you think you are in Miami on a warm day makes the Customer feel the warmth of the coat in a very real manner.

Always ask yourself if what you are saying to the Customer is a benefit to him or merely an explanation of the feature. A benefit statement always evokes the Customer’s enjoyment or gain from the product.

A benefit statement tells the Customer how this product will change his life. It personalizes the feature for the Customer and allows him to see how the product will make a difference in his life.

Benefit statements almost always end in a description of the Customer enjoying, or getting something out of, the product.

Features are what we can see.

Attributes are what features do.

Benefits are what features and attributes do for the Customer (as related to his or her expressed need).

People who are successful in sales always speak of benefits of their product to the customer not of features and attributes.

10. Joy Rains, Author, Ignite Your Sales Power! Mindfulness Skills for Sales Professionals

Power your Sales with awareness.

11. Steve Yastrow, President, Best-Selling Author of Ditch the Pitch, Yastrow and Company

Turn every presentation into a conversation.

It’s very simple– don’t present. Instead, engage your customers in conversations that matter to them. Tear up your elevator speech, tear up your script, and ditch the pitch. Create the right conversation for the customer you are with now. And, most importantly, make sure the conversation is not about you, make it about your customer.

Your customer doesn’t care about your company history, your credentials or even about your products. What they really care about is how they can be better off if they buy from you.

12. Chris Ronzio, Founder, Trainual.com

Follow a process. When it comes to sales, the conversation is art, but the process is science. So, track the results that you’re getting from each sales strategy, and document each step in your playbook so that your team can share best practices.

13. Jane Anderson, Personal Branding Expert, www.JaneAndersonSpeaks.com

One tip is to build trust by being yourself.

The only way you can be yourself is to be around people who are like you so you need to build a tribe of customers what you can love and love them hard! You only have so much bandwidth so stay focussed on those who have been loyal, do what you can to love and support them, not just try to sell them stuff all the time. You need to legitimately care.

14. David Meerman Scott, Bestselling Author, The New Rules of Sales and Service

Educate and inform instead of interrupt and sell.

15. Katie Mares, Founder, www.KatieMares.com

Take the time to flip the lens and understand the customer standing in front of you. Perception matters; if you don’t get to know your customers you’ll never live up to their expectations.

16. Danita Bye, Author of Millenials Matter, Founder, www.DanitaBye.com

Get faster traction and accelerate your sales results, by strengthening your selling mindset and Sales DNA Quotient.

17. TC North, Ph.D, Founder, Executive coach, Leadership Speaker, Professional EOS Implementer, Catalyst High Performance

Be like an elite athlete and show up with magnetic presence. Learn how to create the emotions and presence that helps you be your best.

18. Joe Hirsch,  Managing Director, Semaca Partners

Don’t focus on selling. Focus on serving. If you get the service right, the sales will follow.

19. Sarah Pearce, Speaker, Strategist & Coach, www.SarahPearce.co.nz

Successful salespeople understand that listening is the most important part of their job. So, don’t interrupt, watch body language, paraphrase and reflect back, and ask questions. Remember anecdotes your client tells you and refer to them again later. Giving someone your full attention is powerful. Listening builds trust.

20. Mark Williams, Director, Sales-mind

Focus on bringing your best self to the set of activities that afford the best possible chance of success being a natural out put of the work you put in

21. Brandin Wilkinson, Development Coach, ReThink Selling, Generating Everlasting Momentum!

Success is 20% Skill and 80% Mindset.

Regardless of experience, mindset is more important than skill. Due to the roller coaster ride that is sales, success requires an unbelievable level of resilience. The extensive constraint on the growth of your business is always the leader, and that’s you! Remember, people don’t buy what you do; they buy why you do it.

22. Sean McPheat, CEO of multiple award winners MTD Sales Training

Make sure that you give your prospective clients a good listening too. Ask questions, probe and be curious. A thorough fact find is essential so you can position your products and services in the right way. Don’t just show up and throw up with your features and benefits.

23. Mario Martinez, Jr., CEO, Founder and Digital Sales Evangelist, Vengreso, The Digital Sales Transformation Company

Here are my five best digital prospecting rules when it come to Cold Outreach via Digital Messaging:
1. #ShowMeThatYouCare
2. Don’t #SprayAndPray
3. Your message must #AddValue
4.Think how can I #HelpThemSolveAProblem
5. Lastly, #DontDoNormal when it comes to prospecting. Think like a marketer but act like a salesperson.


The good thing about these sales tips is they aren’t just good on paper — they are tried and tested to work, so much so that they are even used by sales experts. Incorporating these tips into your sales campaigns will yield you amazing results.

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