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Call Center Agent Relocates

Friday, July 30th, 2010

If you will ask most people that live here, they would rather stay in Manila than any
other places in the Philippines. It must be that since Manila is a very industrialized city and people think
that they can find everything here, like the perfect job, home, nice malls and many Philippines call center
that provide good opportunities. They didn’t know that there’s this province that has more than what
Manila could offer, which is Cebu.

Cebu is one of the most historical places here in the Philippines. Its capital, Cebu City is considered
as the oldest city in the country yet very developed as well. Being the “Queen City of the South” and
the “Seat of Christianity” in the Philippines, Cebu has a rich historic past. As I could remember in my
Social Studies, how the explorer Ferdinand Magellan had reached Cebu’s shore and has spread
Christianity; and his battle against Lapu-Lapu and the rest still remains as an important aspect of the
Philippines culture.

I had a chance to visit Cebu, and the only thing that I could say is I love to stay here.
From the Mactan International Airport, I was really amazed already because it’s huge as it also serves
direct flights to some Asian countries. On my way to the city, I passed by this very highly structured
bridge, the Mactan-Cebu Bridge. But there’s still the old bridge, meaning to say that they still preserved
what is historic for them.


Call Center Agent’s Plea for Mother Earth

Thursday, July 29th, 2010

What is wrong with the world to day? Calamity is hitting everywhere in this tired world. From earthquakes to typhoons to anything that you can think of. Disaster is everywhere. Is this the vengeance of mother earth for us not taking good care of her? Is she telling us that we need to change, change for the betterment of the world we live in today. To have a green and pollution free world. I do not thing mother earth can be vengeful, how can a mother be vengeful to her children. The calamities that we experienced today are the doing of our own hands. The greedy use of our resources, as if there is no tomorrow.

We need to change, think of the consequences of our actions. We need to think not just of ourselves but also of others. We only have one planet to live on, we can not afford to lose it. Losing it is losing ourselves. Our dignity and pride as human beings.

How can we go green? You might think that you can not do anything because your just one, but don’t grand plans start with one person and with one step. Each of us can do our part to turn the tides around, making a difference, a mark not just with ourselves but a mark for the people to remember. We can create legacy that we can be proud of. Yes we can make a difference. Starting with one. We have a lot to offer, just buy simply turning the lights off when not in use. There is one way of helping our planet and ourselves.

Thinking of how to minimize the impact of day to day living is a great way of making a greener planet. There are lots of ways, on our small way to help in making mother earth happy. The easiest is to make sure that the faucet is properly turned off and the lights are turned off when it is not in use. Making sure that your appliances are in proper repair and trying to use those that are more energy efficient. These are the basics that you can make it into a habit and eventually be part of your system. A way to thank mother earth for the good deeds that she has done for us. You can always search the net for more ways of helping the sick earth get better. It is up to you how to maximize the resources that you have.

The power is in your hands. IT’S UP TO YOU. . .


Call Centre Operator: Stay Healthy

Wednesday, July 28th, 2010

Working in the BPO Industry can be an exhausting job. Working the night shift takes more energy than working on a morning shift. We need to be energetic when working in a call centre to let our customers know that we are customer-oriented and to let them feel that they are really important to us. Working in a night shift doesn’t mean that we are excused for being sleepy. We are not excused either for being late because we lack sleep. We really need to stay healthy in order to sustain in this kind of work. So here are some of my tips to stay fit while working in a call center:

Reverse your “body clock.”

Your scheduled task should be on “Eastern Time” and you must get used to it.
Keep awake in the evening and rest in the morning so that you won’t feel sleepy during your shift.
Have at least an eight-hour sleep during daytime in order that you won’t get sleepy during your shift.
Have your breakfast at 7:00 pm; lunch at 12:00 midnight; and dinner at the end of your shift.

Eat right.

Eat foods that is less in carbohydrates as this will make you fell sleepy.
Eat a right amount of food.
Limit coffee breaks for too much caffeine is bad for your health.
You should eat between meals so that your compensated energy will be replenished.

Take vitamins.

Take multivitamins as these will help you gain more energy.
Take anti-stress vitamins.

Exercise regularly.

Exercise regularly and at least for three times a week. There are some kinds of exercise to choose from like biking, jogging, going to the gym etc.
Spend some of your free time in a recreational activities like playing badminton or lawn tennis, basketball.

Have time to unwind.

During weekends, have time to relax and unwind by bar hopping to free your mind from the corporate world for at least twice a week. In this way you free yourself from stress.
Watch movies, especially foreign movies at least once a week. It will help you to enhance your communication skills.
If you have enough budget, try to have a weekend getaway by going to the beach or by nature tripping.

Have some time for your family.

Lastly, just enjoy and love your work in a call centre. Having a healthy lifestyle as well as enjoying your work will make you worth living.


Call Center Philippines: Don’t Fear the Tarsier

Tuesday, July 27th, 2010

I can remember this trip I took to Bohol, Philippines a few years ago and how much fun we had with many of my workmates from my job as an inbound call center agent.  I had been working with these people for only a few months but everyone was really nice and we all had a little extra money.  So we decided to make a little group tip to the next island over from Cebu and see the world’s smallest monkey.

I was so interested that I even did a little research which says the Tarsier is actually not a monkey at all.  Well to many Filipinos, they would agree and say that it is actually a monster.  When we got to the area to view the tarsier I met one of those who think that the tarsier is dangerous and it was something to see.  There was this funny incident because a kid was shouting screaming at the top of his lungs and saying “no monster.”  My initial reaction was “what the heck is that kid afraid of”   I mean, its a tarsier, as far as I know they have never killed anyone or eaten any little kids.  But I guess I probably didn’t know any better when I was young either.  And not everyone has the opportunity to look up tarsier on Wikipedia to see what these little guys are all about.

So I can’t blame her.   I guess she was just kid same as me before and she has fear over things that she is not familiar with.  Children see things differently in one child’s eyes the tarsier may be gentle but to that little girl this was the worst monster.  I hope her parents walked her through it and showed her that the tarsier is not to be feared.  But it was going to take a while.  Now that I am back at my BPO office I think about that girl and wish I could send her a nice article about the tarsier.


Call Center Philippines: The Bohol Tarsier

Tuesday, July 27th, 2010

A few years ago, May 7, 2003 exactly 3pm when we arrived in Bohol, Philippines. It was my first time to be in on this tropical island and it was a little vacation from my job as a telemarketing agent at a call center. The place was nice the people are nice too, and the food was great. The main reason I was there was to witness the creature which they called “Tarsier”. When I first heard about it, I never bothered to care or get excited to see one. But now here I was stating at the little creature and it changed my view.

Mixed reaction is what I witnessed from both young and old. I can see them smiling, taking picture of this so called “Tarsier.” Then I saw the “tarsier”. So it is true what other people say that this is a special creature that we as Filipinos need to care for. It reminded me of a kid… small gentle and innocent.

The whole experience was really great for me not just because I got to ses one of the treasures of the Philippines but also because the people were nice, the food was great and the island of Bohol is beautiful. I don’t know the exact word to describe it. But it’s all worth it. It made me realize that simple things can be so meaningful and so many other people don’t realize it. The Tarsier, for example, makes other people happy and smile which can be priceless. On that point, it made me realize that small things can still make a big impact on peoples lives. This little creature bought out the best in the people and hopefully they will go back to their customer service and call center jobs and be that much happier from spending time with one of the smallest primates in the world.


Call Center Philippines: Healthy Living

Saturday, July 24th, 2010

Healthy living on the call center floor
I will be discussing how a call center agent can be healthy.

We all know that most call center agents work at the wee hours of the day, and staying up late can be hard to used to. We should learn to adjust to our schedule and do what is appropriate to keep feeling healthy when working funky hours in the contact center. Wake up at a time that is appropriate for you to get ready for work and after shift do not stay up too late. Just make sure you schedule your sleep for 8 hours.

Secondly, the eating habits. Eat only nutritious foods. You do not have to deprive yourself of your cravings just make sure you are getting the right nutritional content with what you are eating. Learn to balance your eating habits. Eat a full meal one hour after you wake up and follow it up with small meals or snacks in between shifts. Eating a lot in between shifts is the most common factor for sleepiness. Eat fruits and vegetables. Eating healthy has always been the main point of it all.

Lastly, Exercise. We all know that prevention is better than cure, and exercise is the way to do it. Exercise, even just for a little while, every day after shift, run a few laps maybe or do some crunches before you go to sleep. In a way it helps your sleeping because it is easier to sleep when you are tired.

The main thing is to combine the three and whopaaa! You get to be healthy on the floor. It is both beneficial for the company and also for you. Since if you feel great then your work is great. But one thing is the most important in being healthy. One must have discipline and self respect for with out discipline no one can achieve his goal. Working at call center Philippines is not always easy but it can be if you are prepared.

Maintain discipline in everything that you do and for sure all you do will be successful. Respect yourself if you want to be successful.


Philippines BPO Experience Part 2

Friday, July 23rd, 2010

One months training went by so fast and soon it was time for me to take my first customer phone call. I got scared thinking and asking myself, will I be able to answer all of the customer’s queries because I was with Expedia at that time. And that account was very tedious and very complicated. Plus you have to do multitasking and during that time I’m not that good when it comes to computers. So the inbound call came and gladly I was able to help my customer. But during my first few days at work, I tried covering my mouth because I did not want others to hear me on my customer support calls because I was afraid that they might criticize me. And as days go by and I got more and more comfortable with my work and gained more confidence, I no longer had to cover my mouth because I know that I am saying and pronouncing words the correct way. And that I no longer sound monotonous, instead I sounded perky.

There was also a time and I think it was New Year’s Eve and sad to say that I was working, people started celebrating and they decided to turn off the lights. Wow! It was too dark and that time I was not that good in typing. So I looked for a flashlight but never found one, so what I did is I borrowed cell phones from my BPO office mates which served as my source of light so I will be able to see the letters. That was really funny because I remembered my face all over the keyboard just so I could type.

People often say that working in call center is boring and tiring. But I say it is fun, funny and very informative. You will surely learn a lot of things especially when it comes to computers. So why wait, try it!


Philippines BPO experiences

Friday, July 23rd, 2010

I never thought that I would ever have the chance to work in a call center. I am not the type of person who is very confident of my English. The first time I tried to apply as I remembered was in People Support Phils.. I passed the initial interview and the written exam with no sweat but I really got nervous every time I thought of the final interview.

So I was waiting for my interviewer to come in, I started praying and asking for guidance. Then suddenly a gorgeous lady came in and to my surprise she was my final interviewer and that really made me more nervous and conscious of what and how I should answer her upcoming questions. And because that time I had no call center experience yet, most of her questions were based on bio data so it was more like a personalized interview. I was able to answer all of her questions and her feedback as far as remember was, “ I talk to fast and sometimes I tend to be monotonous.” So she told me that they will just give a call to either give me a good or bad news.

On my way home, I anxiously waited for the call. And I was on a jeepney on the way home, my phone rang. And as I answered, it was a lady who brought me the good news telling me to get back to their office the following day for the contract signing. And that is how I started working at a Filipino call center.


Call Center Lunch: Eat or Sleep?

Tuesday, July 20th, 2010

Call Center Lunch: Eat or Sleep?

Would you rather eat? Munch? Or sleep? Snore? What’s really important between these two important things? What if you’re so sleepy and at the same time you’re so hungry? You can’t blame yourself for that can you? You have a different life, everything’s opposite from normal, you don’t sleep normally, you’re mind is working at night but you can’t sleep long during the day, maybe 3 to 4 hours is good, cars passing by the house, honking their horns, it’s too loud, the city is much awake. Breakfast and lunch is at 5 in the afternoon so it’s like dinner too. Your body clock is messed up. What are you really suppose to do? Eat? Or get some sleep? I have nooo idea. As for me, I’d rather sleep with a grumbling stomach. It’s funny sometimes, I laugh at myself that while I’m sleeping or half asleep, saliva almost dripping (hahahah), I get a bite of crackers or a scoop of noodle soup and drift to sleep again with the noodles that just passed my throat. Gross? Hilarious? I have an idea though. In fact, it just came up right at this moment. It’s probably good scheduling that can work this out for the whole offshore call center world.

My call center shift is at 11 in the evening up to 8 in the morning. Right after I get home, I’ll eat some light breakfast, crackers will do perhaps? Or a banana? Milk? Milk promotes sleep. So the grumbling wouldn’t wake me up as I sleep. I think it’s always nice to sleep with a half-filled stomach. I’ll turn off all cell phones or put it in a silent mode, hang up the telephone, a dimmed room is better and some light instrumental music to cover up the city noise. So at 9:30 in the morning I should be in bed.. 9.30-5.30 is for sleep..I wake up at 5.30 in the afternoon, prepare some dinner and relax right after. Watch some news on tv or play with my pet cat, anything to make me feel relaxed.. Take a bath at 9.45 and prepare myself to work.. Right now, I’m imagining the routine, and oh, I hope I can really sleep straight that long. But it’s too impossible… Thinking of the errands that I have to do during the day? For dad, for my aunt, for my grandmother.. It’s not easy working but at least my call center in the Philippines is fun.


Contact Center Agent in the Philippines Part 2

Wednesday, July 14th, 2010

The call center industry,as a whole, is a family-oriented industry. We have the best employee relationship as compared to other industries. We have our team-building twice in a quarter and we do not have any employee disputes especially with the company I’m working with right now. We can rub elbows with our bosses as well. By this , there’s no employee-employer disputes. Our bosses are also supportive of us. I actually told my friends that if they want to work in a call center they can search over the internet and just type in“Call Center Philippines” in the search tab and it will show them the list of companies that they might have interest to work in.

I have memorable experiences working in the outsourcing industry. While taking calls, some of my customers can hardly hear that I will almost shout just to clear things with them. I also have an irate customers that turned into a lead. I also encountered indecent proposals from some of my clients but I take it as an advantage to turn it a lead as well. I have an intellectual customers who shares me their ideas and point of views. It’s really fulfilling to turn my customers into a lead. It really boost my self-esteem. For me, working in a call center is such a wonderful and fulfilling experience. It’s not a boring job at all.