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Maintaining culture & quality calls in a BPO

Thursday, May 15th, 2014


Philippine call centers operate at nighttime because it is daytime in most continents. This kind of working shift is new to Filipino workers making them prone to habits to help them adapt to their new environment. However, there are certain mannerisms that should be prevented at all costs to avoid poor quality calls.


Agents are trained for as little as 4 weeks or as long as 6 months. During these times, Philippine call center agents are made to develop their communication skills, customer service skills, product knowledge and culture. Outbound or inbound call center agents come from all walks of life. It is important that everyone has the same business goals when they start working in the production area  no matter what.


When employees have problems at home, it is required that they leave it there. Going to work in a bad mood can result to agents having a bored or monotonous voice tone. Customers expect a willing and enthusiastic customer representative to answer their inquiries. The last thing they want to hear is someone who sounds like they don’t want to help. Let agents know that HR is there for them to hear their problems out. More importantly, since agents are representatives of a company, it is only proper to address clients formally as Miss or Mister. Save the nickname calling for other agents only, not clients.


A call center is a fun working environment where different personalities meet. However, employees should be reminded that the production area is for work related activities only. Eating and talking unnecessarily should be avoided to prevent the client from hearing noise. It shows disrespect and lack of attention. The use of foul or offensive language or tone is never welcome in a call center. Pacify customers with understanding words and do not make the situation even worse by projecting negativity. An office lounge can be of great help to agents who want to pass time and chat while on break.


Excellent customer service can be provided when employees are pleasant and in a good place. Management can help them achieve this by setting realistic goals and expectations. Employees often imitate what they see, so it’s important to be good examples to them as well. It is ideal to maintain a happy culture at work, but one should never forget to ensure quality work and calls first.


Maintaining Productivity in a Philippine Call Center

Wednesday, February 12th, 2014

Philippine call centers are known worldwide to be very competitive and productive. As a matter of fact, this is what makes them stand out globally.


A contact center outsourcing’s productivity will vary depending on the season. The queue rates will differ as a national event or global holiday fast approaches. On a full calendar year, productivity can soar high or even decline flat.


Circumstances like these are unavoidable that is why outsourcing services providers find ways to keep operations productive all year with the following practices.


Boosting Employee Morale


Goals can only be met if employees work together. Call Center agents down to team leaders, support and managers should be updated with the goals of the season entirely. Working together on the same page is very important for a team to succeed and excel. Call center agents are trained and provided with knowledge about the functions of the services they provide. Consistent and up to date customer service training are very important to make sure your business is customer service oriented. Employee morale are also boosted especially when managers are regularly trained on leadership.


Sufficient Equipment Supply


It is very important for Inbound and Outbound Call Centers in the Philippines to acquire the latest in Technology when it comes to equipment. High speed computers with own data servers, clear and noise canceling headsets are essential to making sure that each call is in excellent reception. Professional call centers in the Philippines have an in-house IT department that does regular computer maintenance for efficient operations.


Employee Engagement and Reinforcement


Inbound and Outbound call centers that have the most activities employ more contented and happy employees. Event, contests and other motivational changes are beneficial to call center agents as they can have fun, interact and stay motivated to work. The ideal employee is inspired and energetic. Call Centers who reward, promote and value their employees can also reap good outcome.


Getting ready for work after a long break

Tuesday, January 7th, 2014

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Reporting back to work after a long vacation or an eventful weekend can be tiresome and will need extra push. Especially if you have to work at night in a Philippine call center.
Do not let a new workweek stop you from being productive and hungover from the holidays. Make the first day back an opportunity to improve yourself and work habits.
Here are tips on how to start the week fresh and eager to work again.
1. Plan your activities – Make adjustments to you schedule for the last day that you’re on vacation. Avoid activities that can tire you the next day to avoid fatigue and even hangovers. Another technique is to wake up early so you can sleep early during bedtime.
2. Prepare your things – Nothing is worst than having to bring an empty purse the next morning or forgetting to bring your ID. Call Center Outsourcing companies are very strict in terms of attendance. It is a bad start to be picking up your things all over the place in the morning. All the more being late.
3. Arrive early – It is likely that many were also on vacation just like you. Avoid the rush on the first day back to work by arriving early in the office. That way, you will look composed, settled and ready to start the day.
4. Think Positive – Work starts to become easy of you think of it as something you enjoy doing. Though you might have been struggling to stay awake while taking inbound call center calls, think of your outsourcing job as the source of all your vacation funds to get yourself motivated.
5. Focus on your work – There is nothing better than hearing stories from friends at work. However, save these for break time and concentrate on more important things so you wouldn’t lose your focus.
Being an inbound and outbound call center agent allows you to leave all your work worries behind as the day ends. Work hard, do your best and prepare for another adventure to motivate you.


Philippine Telemarketing: Developing Appointment Setting

Sunday, August 28th, 2011

One of the many ways in which businesses can use outbound telemarketing methods is through telemarketing appointment setting. Telemarketing appointment setting is a great way to improve business development efforts, but successful telemarketing appointment setting requires extensive skills and particular techniques. It also needs to be carefully monitored and measured by the business conducting the campaigns to ensure that they are being undertaken correctly.


Qualify the Prospect. This refers to making sure that the person you are trying to meet with is a good fit for what you are trying to sell. The best way to qualify the prospect is to ask a couple of questions during the cold call to see how they fit with what you have to offer.


Decrease Guard. There are very clear and practical things that you can do to do this.  Two things in particular are that name drop other individuals in the organization that you are calling into and you can disqualify the prospect.


Build Rapport. This can be challenging on a cold call as you really only have between two to five minutes to work with.  But there are some minor things we can do to build rapport like confirming they are available, disqualifying, delivering a value statement, active listening, qualifying, etc.


Build Interest. One of the keys is to finding pain. If there is no pain, there is no reason to meet with you. Once you uncover pain, you can focus and connect to it the business value that you have to offer.


Tell, Don’t ask. Once you have effectively built interest, you should go trying to get the appointment set. One thing to help with this is to shift from asking for the meeting to telling.




Philippine Telemarketing: Appointment Scheduling Mistakes

Sunday, April 24th, 2011

From a prospects perspective, not all are willing to commit to an appointment during an outbound call. They could very well be a qualified prospect but they are not willing to schedule a face to face appointment yet.


You don’t tightly target your prospects. Telemarketing is a great way to be productive than sitting at your desk waiting for potential customers to call. When choosing your prospect, you have to identify the characteristics of your best customers and you need to develop a profile of your ideal customers. Then search out prospects that most closely fit the profile.


You’re not sufficiently selective about the prospects with whom you meet. It is important to find out why prospects are interested and what sparked their interests before you schedule appointments.


You don’t command control of prospect conversations. Prospects must not only have recognized needs for your product or service but they must be willing to discuss the reasons behind the needs.


You neither establish credibility nor demonstrate expertise. When meeting with prospects, you must not only be knowledgeable about your product or service, but also about the specific reasons people would need it, the situations that would create the need and the consequences of not appropriately addressing the needs.


You don’t ask tough questions. To thoroughly qualify opportunities, you must be able to identify core aspects of situations, define elements at the center of controversies and discover carefully guarded information by asking tough questions.


You rush to make presentations. The real purpose of presentation is to confirm your ability to deliver the solutions prospect are predisposed to buy. You determine it by thoroughly qualifying the opportunities.


Appointment Setting Campaign

Thursday, April 7th, 2011

Establishing an effective appointment setting and telemarketing process is a key component of a successful direct marketing campaign. While it’s possible to just pick up the phone and start “dialing for dollars”, making calls without preparation or strategy will yield poor results.


Prospects whether cold, warm or hot referrals or leads, invest their time to meet their sales professionals because they find value in what is being offered. They find value in the ability to remedy their pain and they find it through the telemarketing agent’s delivery of a well-crafted call script. In order to set a qualified appointment that can be closed in a reasonable amount of time, the appointment-setter’s attitude is crucial to success, and they must be confident, motivated and able to expose at least one of the prospect’s pain points and develop it so that the prospect acknowledges it as a real challenge that needs to be addressed, and then assure the prospect that the provider holds the answer to addressing it. An appointment setting call script is also one of the most important tools for successful appointment setting campaign. It is a documented, rehearsed sales presentation delivered over the phone to a prospect in order to qualify them for and generate in the caller’s product or services, and whose ultimate goal is to secure an appointment for the prospect to meet with a sales professional and set the proper expectations with the prospect for this meeting. Its goal is to qualify prospects, generate interest, schedule appointments and set expectations.


Appointment Setting Guidelines

Wednesday, March 23rd, 2011

As business activities become increasingly specialized, the outsourcing trend has taken on new significance for lean businesses. Many companies opt to outsource appointment scheduling to call center in the Philippines so that they can focus more on the internal functions of their business. In outbound call centers, telemarketing agents are responsible for setting appointments with potential clients.  They help you become more successful in your appointment setting campaign with some important guidelines.


Extensive prospect list. Making appointment setting calls is all about efficiency. It’s about the number of prospects being contacted for an appointment regardless of the outcome.


Best prospect profile. As you work on your prospect list, make sure that you do extensive due diligence. Study each name carefully and determine whether or not the prospect fits your product offering or service properly.


Well-organized call guide. Appointment setting requires a great deal of communication skills, but more importantly, it is the actual content of the message that can make or break a successfully scheduled appointment with your prospects.


Promotional effort. It’s like being in the shoes of your prospect. It is thinking outside the box, putting the interest of your prospects above your own, it is about helping and assisting your prospects and finally, it’s all about your prospects and not you.


Well-trained appointment setter. The appointment setter is your most valuable resource in relationship building. He or she can establish trust in you at the onset and later on your product or service offering.


Follow through on the progress of the campaign. Keeping yourself engaged with the appointment setting effort allows you to make immediate adjustments necessary to achieve the results you want.


Benefits of Telemarketing in Small Business

Monday, February 14th, 2011

Telemarketing can be a particularly valuable tool for small business, in that it saves time and money as compared to personal selling, but offers many of the same benefits in terms of direct contact with customers. Though telemarketing is more expensive than direct mail, it tends to be more efficient in closing sales and thus provides a greater yield on the marketing.  Outbound service can be aimed directly at the end consumer or can be part of a business-to-business marketing program. Outbound call center agents working on this side of the industry generally require more training and product knowledge, as more actual selling is involved than with inbound operations.

Telemarketing increases your sales territory and efficiency because you can reach more prospects per hour, day and week by phone than you can with in-person sales calls. It also provides an effective way to perform relationship marketing. You can use the phone to stay in touch with existing customers, introduce new products to them and make additional sales. Human interaction is an important aspect of telemarketing. You can immediately respond to feedback from prospects while you’re engaged in the sales process. When it comes to lead generation, through telemarketing, a company can compile and update lists of customer prospect leads and then go through these lists searching for sales leads. Telemarketing can screen the leads and qualify them according to priority, passing the best leads to the field sales force for immediate action. The inside sales force also can identify the decision maker with the buying power and appointment setting for the outside sales force.


Telemarketing: Appointment Setting

Monday, February 7th, 2011

For ordinary people, appointment scheduling is quite a typical thing. When they go to dentist, they have to make appointment. If they need to see a doctor, they make sure that they are scheduled on that day for check-up or medical reasons. The importance of appointment scheduling cannot be understated, because the entire daily operation of each clinic revolves around these appointments and it only ensures an efficient work flow in all areas. Same in business where appointments are being taken seriously. The development and running of a successful business often comes down to being in control and across all issues pertaining to the day to day operation. Just as a well-run business follows a budget in spending money, an effective businessperson should also follow a schedule in spending time.

Many businesses have come to understand that it is effective to outsource for appointment setting and lead generation. The fact that when companies try to randomly call customers to make a sale, it usually ends up wasting a lot of time with people who do not want to talk to them. When they hire an appointment setting business, however, they have someone else make the calls for them to potential customers. Outbound call center gives a business more use of their telemarketing agents to make a deal. They will spend more time on quality prospects rather than having a lesser chance from starting cold. It allows a business to concentrate strongly on developing its infrastructure in areas that will be the most beneficial to its longevity and make the most money. This will not only save the company time, but can definitely boost its income.


Outbound Center: Skills in Appointment Scheduling

Saturday, February 5th, 2011

Getting appointments can take a lot of time but good thing that you can hire an outbound call center service to do this for you.  All you have to do is give them the information and requirements they need to train their staff that represents your company. Some background on your company, product and services, your goals, and you can even provide a phone script that their telemarketing agents will use when making and taking calls on your behalf. The company you hire should be experienced with the art of appointment setting.

Good communication skills. Good communication skills are clearly very important to have when you work with people. It takes a lot to convince people over to phone to accept a one-on-one meeting with a person they never met. As a telemarketer you need to think about voice tone, pace and volume. On top of that things you would normally show visually, like friendliness or enthusiasm also need to be communicated through the voice. A good appointment setting service needs to clearly explain what a business does without overwhelming them with details.

Experience. A telemarketing agent requires the power to convince their prospect. It’s necessary to understand the industry to which the product belongs. This will help you build a rapport with your prospective client. Always remember that your task is to set the appointment and not to close the deal between your client and your prospect. Follow through with your client on your individual prospect’s needs and wants and make sure that everything is in order for a successful face-to-face meeting.