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Effects of good communication lines in a call center

Friday, June 13th, 2014

Solid relationships are built through good communication. In a Philippine call center, it is very important that communications are kept clear as to maintain a sense of efficiency and urgency. The opportunity to communicate with colleagues leads to better teamwork and even increased productivity rate. Here are the benefits of having good communication in the workplace.
Promotes real and engaging conversations
Technology has enabled people to communicate even better with almost everyone around the globe. However, its effect on society has made real live conversations a thing of the past. When call center outsourcing encourage employees to have face-to-face conversations such as meetings and coaching. Though effective tools that enhance communication is very important, having real interaction helps agents in dealing with customers as they practice their interpersonal skills. Sending emails and chat messages are the primary tools of BPO employees to communicate. These types of technology are essential when it comes to keeping up with different time zones and a fast paced environment. However, real conversations are important to build rapport among co-workers.
Acceptance of Constructive Criticism
Coaching agents not only improves their performance but as well as gives the opportunity for employees to speak out about their performance. Therefore, it will improve their communication skills. Assessment should be concise and encouraging. Generic sounding comments will most likely not have an impact on employees. Constructive criticism should be given for inbound and outbound call center agents to improve and realize their mistakes.
Improves Listening Skills
Agents who constantly exchange feedback become good listeners in the process. An employee with good listening skills can help delegate accurate information within the workplace.
Philippine BPO centers that improve communication channels have employees who are more productive and motivated. When agents have the freedom of professionally communicating with each other, teams become stronger and will give better performance results.


Call Center Concerns Answered

Tuesday, April 22nd, 2014

Executive Boutique Call Center Agents
Outsourcing to a call center is very important for companies who want their customer service to excel. It is difficult to find a Philippine call center that can get the job done. However, the right contact center has leverage to a company and its brand management. Here are answers to common questions prior outsourcing to an offshore center.
Will hiring a call center make my company any better?
An outsourced inbound or outbound call center team becomes the front-liners to a company’s customer service department. As they become the POC or person in contact for inquiries, the outsourced call center can set the impression desired. Call center agents have the advantage of gathering customer data which they can use to provide accurate solutions to their problems. Information from surveys such as preferred social media site, consumer trends or product comments and suggestions can go a long way to make the company better.
By knowing the clients preference, managers are able to modify, improve and even discontinue the service and product accordingly to what the customers want. The data gathered by the agents should be generated daily for reporting. It is better for these reports to be given frequently in order to maintain excellent customer service.
With all the call centers everywhere, how do I choose the right one?
Prior to hiring a call center, it is important to do an extensive research about all the possible center options. Look into detail their track records and how they manage and deliver their campaigns. Set a meeting with the managers and ask for a thorough rundown of how the day-to-day operations work. Do not forget to ask for actual office pictures. In most cases, a home based call center is not the best option, look for a real outsourcing firm located in a business district and see to it that their goals match yours.
Schedule a visit to the call center facility and observe how the employees work. A good outsourcing firm is able to establish good communication between the client and call center all the
I will be away most of the time, how do I make sure the outsourced job is done right?
Working with a team abroad could be daunting, but if you manage them properly, operations will run smoothly. Remember to set expectations and goals so employees will know where they stand. Take responsibility and ensure effective communication between the client and center at all times. Provide training materials and recruitment standards to ensure that only the most suitable employees get hired for your campaign. Supervise the offshore office as you would a team locally.
Effective collaboration can lead to a successful campaign. Choose an outsourcing company wisely.


The importance of treating employees like customers

Thursday, April 3rd, 2014

The main duty of Call Centers in the Philippines is to serve customers by providing excellent customer service through courtesy and product knowledge. Agents represent the company brand and that is why only the best practices are given to the callers.
Outstanding customer service begins at the workplace. Without harmony in the office, agents will not be able to produce such enthusiasm to provide what customers need. The Philippine contact center environment can often times be a place of competition or loneliness. To rule out these situations in a team, interaction within the workplace must be encouraged.
Here are ways on how to maintain a positive and professionally healthy relationship in a Call Center Outsourcing office.
• Be an advocate of Positivity
A good employee exudes positivity in everything he does. Constantly fretting and complaining about work is a sign of negative vibes which can eventually bring the team’s spirit down. Encourage optimism by reminding them of how lucky they are to be employed and the incentives they’ll be getting if they perform well.
• Listen more
Empathize with your coworkers and help them with their workplace related issues. A successful team assists each other in the office for their well being including the company’s.
Open communication channels
Managers and agents alike should keep all communication channels accessible. Just as it is to customers, so should it be in the office.
• Employee value
Call Centers in the Philippines offer incentives to patron customers who has given them support over the years. It is also advisable to give out rewards to agents who have been loyal employees. There is no achievement too little; exceeding quotas, good performance or perfect attendance all deserve recognition.
The effectivity of a team’s customer service effort starts with how they interact with each other in the office. Practice these simple steps to create a conducive place for working and positive thinking.


Celebrating Thanksgiving

Thursday, November 28th, 2013


Today marks a special day for the United States and all Philippine call center employees who have American clients. Thanksgiving Day is one of the most important holidays in the year. Though it is important to be thankful every single day, Thanksgiving is the day to celebrate its appreciation, meaning and reflection. It also means no work for most call center agents.


There is always something to be thankful about. From the roof on your head, the shoes on your feet, the people who keep you company or the call center outsourcing office you are employed at.


If you are still not convinced of how blessed you are, here are some things at work that are very important but have been neglected because it is always there.


Internet access, air conditioned rooms and comfortable seats are not available at every workplace. Think about it and be thankful since many have to work under the heat of the sun or sit at chairs with no back support.


Philippine contact center employees are paid above the minimum wage. Aside from monetary and health benefits, call center agents also have many learning opportunities such as the ability to improve their communication skills through training and coaching.


A supportive, understanding and approachable management is also something to be thankful for. Working for a good boss is very motivational and not everyone has the privilege of doing so.


Another thing to be grateful for is being around colleagues that are helpful and nice.


The most rewarding aspect of being employed in a Philippine outsourcing company is the sense of importance and worth. Call center agents are essential in providing customer service and to their families as they bring home the bacon.


What are you thankful for? Share your thoughts and be sure to let your friends and family know too. Happy Thanksgiving and enjoy the rest of the weekend!


The effects of Conflict at the workplace

Friday, September 20th, 2013
Call Center Team

A united Philippine call center team


All call center agents who work in a Philippine call center have one common goal. These employees usually come from different backgrounds, have a diverse set of skills and more often than not, approach every task at their own pace and capability. Because of such dissimilarity, conflicts and other issues could arise when call center outsourcing employees are not managed properly. Common factors for such arguments are values and character, power, social factors and even attitude towards work.


The most important factor in achieving a common goal is communication. If you have a barrier which includes poor listening skills, insufficient information, misleading interpretation and perception of nonverbal communication, it will be very difficult for the team to succeed.


The size of the organization, attrition and retention rate, employee engagement, reward systems and level of work focus among employees are all part of the structural disagreements. Whereas personal factors are the employee’s self esteem issues, personal goals, value, needs and respect for oneself.


For these aspects to be dealt with accordingly and successfully – managers, team leaders and call center agents alike must understand its instability and impact on the team as an one unit.


However, not all conflicts have a negative effect. It also gives the opportunity for each employee to express their feelings and speak what’s on their mind that they believe is best for the team. Arising conflicts also enables the team’s problem solving and decision making skills to be put into use by motivating people to solve and analyze the situation. Call center employees follow a script while taking calls and encouraging them to express themselves and their ideas outside those calls is energizing as they try to seek the best solution. The most important thing when handling conflicts is your ability to handle it properly and constructively.


Having a productive and hardworking Philippine call center outsourcing team is every manager’s dream. But working together in peace is also a very important common goal. Team work is bounded by good leadership, cooperative team, effective communication and respect towards others and space.


Conflicts are normal, it’s just how you deal with it that makes it better or worst.


Customer Service 101

Wednesday, May 16th, 2012

Good customer service is the foundation of any business such as Philippine contact center. In today’s world, business competition is harder than ever and consumers are willing to spend more in exchange for excellent customer service. Most businesses realize the importance of being committed to customer service that’s why they outsource and make use of inbound call center services and outbound call center services.


A Philippine call center must know that they not only need to meet their customer’s expectations, but they must strive to exceed them. For inbound call center agents, there is more opportunity in exceeding customers’ expectations even when they’re complaining. The important thing is that you listen and don’t tell them that they’re wrong; then acknowledge the issue, try to reach an agreement, and do your best to keep them happy. They may not be right, but at least you listened to their point of view. Usually people just want to be heard. You must use this complaint as a positive thing to help you grow and improve.


In an outbound call center setting, you need to be flexible in your approach. Don’t just make a sale but rather, offer solutions in the best interest of your customer. You also need to let customers drive how you interact with them. Though you may not always be able to offer the type of communication channel your customers want, you can still be responsive to their behavior. Lastly, honor your word. If you tell someone you’ll follow-up with them by end of day, you have to do it. There’s nothing worse than having someone tell you they’ll contact you later, then having to track them down again. Keep in touch with customers and check if the products or services are good.


Good customer service results to repeat guests while bad customer service drives customers away taking their friends, family and workmates. It is very important to have a good customer service not just to make the customers happy but to attract potential customers.


Philippine Call Center: Future Virtual Assistants

Wednesday, October 5th, 2011

Virtual assistants are a growing trend in the business world. If you own a small business and you are in need for administrative support or other services, hiring a virtual assistant will be a strategic plan to grow your business. This is because Philippine call center providers can deliver the work with the same quality as the work office employees or even better. The most outstanding benefits of hiring a virtual assistant is that you can get the same service without having to deal with screening and sustaining a full-time employee. This means you will have fewer expenses and more savings.


Now, with the rapid changes in consumer demands and the rise of technology as well, there are more than administrative tasks that VA’s can offer. Some of the changes anticipated in the role of virtual assistants of the future will include an entrepreneurial approach. Future assistants will have to possess deep knowledge of management principals, have sound interpersonal skills and a great degree of technical aptitude. These skills will be essential as more and more functions become automated requiring virtual assistants to respond with a human touch that automation will eliminate. Future virtual assistants will have to acquire specialized training in budgeting, negotiation, planning, supervision and delegation. Another important field in which the future assistants will have to be adept in will be security of sensitive information, as most information will be transmitted electronically. Future virtual assistants will no longer be considered as generalists instead they will be expected to be specialists in day to day business administration.





Philippine Telemarketing: Developing Appointment Setting

Sunday, August 28th, 2011

One of the many ways in which businesses can use outbound telemarketing methods is through telemarketing appointment setting. Telemarketing appointment setting is a great way to improve business development efforts, but successful telemarketing appointment setting requires extensive skills and particular techniques. It also needs to be carefully monitored and measured by the business conducting the campaigns to ensure that they are being undertaken correctly.


Qualify the Prospect. This refers to making sure that the person you are trying to meet with is a good fit for what you are trying to sell. The best way to qualify the prospect is to ask a couple of questions during the cold call to see how they fit with what you have to offer.


Decrease Guard. There are very clear and practical things that you can do to do this.  Two things in particular are that name drop other individuals in the organization that you are calling into and you can disqualify the prospect.


Build Rapport. This can be challenging on a cold call as you really only have between two to five minutes to work with.  But there are some minor things we can do to build rapport like confirming they are available, disqualifying, delivering a value statement, active listening, qualifying, etc.


Build Interest. One of the keys is to finding pain. If there is no pain, there is no reason to meet with you. Once you uncover pain, you can focus and connect to it the business value that you have to offer.


Tell, Don’t ask. Once you have effectively built interest, you should go trying to get the appointment set. One thing to help with this is to shift from asking for the meeting to telling.




Philippines Call Center: Effective Communication

Wednesday, July 27th, 2011

Effective communication is vital if you wish people to understand your viewpoint. It becomes even more crucial in professional settings, as fierce competition means that customers must be convinced that your products are superior to your rival’s. Having effective communication in the Philippines call center is the cornerstone of establishing trust within inbound and outbound call center teams and making productivity improvement gains in their performance.


Organize Your Thoughts. Organizing your thoughts systematically is the first step to effective communication. You should be clear about the message that you want to convey, and it is helpful to have a framework for the conversation.


Be a good listener. Effective communication is two-way process; if you adopt a one-way attitude, you will fail to create a rapport with your counterpart. By making the other person feel that you value their participation in the conversation, and that you are addressing his/her needs, you make him/her much more willing to accommodate your position. In practice, this means that you must listen patiently and converse accordingly.


React Appropriately. If someone puts you on the spot and you’re not sure what so say, instead of feeling under pressure to say what first comes to mind, take some time to consider your response. It’s natural to want to answer right away and it takes some practice to stop and think about your response, but there are situations that require a bit more thought, at least in how you phrase your response.


Body Language. The message you convey through your gestures, body language, and facial expressions will play a huge role in the response you elicit. For this reason, your verbal and nonverbal message need to be consistent; otherwise, you will send mixed signals and not achieve the outcome you desire.


Philippines as the “Next Asian Dragon” in BPO Industry

Saturday, July 16th, 2011

As the IT-BPO industry in the Philippines is experiencing rapid growth at 25 per cent per annum, investors have begun to see this island nation as the ‘next Asian dragon’. According to the Commission on ITC (CICT) chief Ivan John Enrile Uy, several of the major companies in the world are now operating their largest service centers in the Philippines resulting in the rapid growth of the IT-BPO industry in the country.


Quoting Uy, a recent website report says that the IT-BPO industry in the Philippines employed approximately 525,000 workforces in 2010 and had earned over $9.1 billion in terms of revenues. Uy emphasized that the objective of CICT was to reinforce the preparedness of these cities as well as the districts outside Metro Manila to emerge as favorite destinations for investors in the IT-BPO industry. According to him, this plan would help to decongest Metro Manila and, at the same time, widen the opportunities for economic growth to other regions of the country capitalizing on the plentiful and internationally competitive employees available in the Philippines. He said that currently, about 20 per cent of the country’s IT and BPO firms are located outside the core metropolitan regions of Manila and Cebu and this leaning is likely to continue. As cities outside Metro Manila are emerging as new bubs for IT and BPO industry or the Next Wave Cities, the Philippines is presently witnessing the influence of this sector on the rural communities.


Uy mentioned that the leading global research and outsourcing advisory firm Tholons has ranked Manila as fourth and Cebu as ninth in the Top 100 cities in the World for Outsourcing in its 2010 list. In addition, a number of Next Wave Cities of the country, including Davo (69); Sta. Rosa (Laguna) (88); Iloilo (98) and Bacolod (100), were included in Tholons Top 100 cities list for 2010.