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Philippine BPO: Importance of Blogs in Business

Tuesday, June 14th, 2011

It is a fact that before, we could just write long-involved posts about what we did last weekend or some interesting things that happened to us. But now, when the art of social media, specifically twitter and facebook, has arrived, it seemed like blogging is just a minute and click away. But many call centers in the Philippines still don’t know that blogs hold tremendous power that even every small business needs to utilize.


Blogging has emerged as one of the best marketing tool on the web. From the ease of creating to the convenience of interacting with possible customers and clients, blogging has given a new way for the Philippine telemarketers to do what they do which is to promote. Let’s say out of your ten readers, one of them is your lead. This is definitely possible for a reason that you already have a loyal fan base that trust you and are willing to take and apply your suggestions, that is why they subscribed to your blogs. Each time you launch a new business or service, your blog can act as that medium to reach to your leads. The more you blog, and the more helpful your blog is, the more customer and brand loyalty you’ll be creating. Not every blog post is designed to get customers, nor should it be. But the more people who come to read your valuable information, the more likely they’ll be to become your customers when they need what you have. But until your readers become your customers, you’re building up your brand. Brand recognition is extremely important as it plays toward perceptions which are also passed along. Brand loyalty builds word of mouth, which in turn, builds more customers.



BPO: Essential SEO Tips

Saturday, June 11th, 2011

Basic SEO is all about common sense and simplicity. The purpose of search engine optimization is to make a website as search engine friendly as possible.


First of all, you have to build a great website when doing SEO. Your internet site will be the hub of your web business; it’s the practical representation of your business whether your business exists physically or not. SEO isn’t also a one-time event. Search engine algorithms change regularly, so the tactics that worked last year may not work this year. It requires a long-term outlook and commitment. Getting ranked in search engines doesn’t happen in a click. When you do SEO, you have to be patient. Results often take months to see, and this is especially true the smaller you are, and the newer you are to doing business online. You also need to start a blog and participate with other related blogs. Search engines, Google especially, love blogs for the fresh content and highly-structured data. Beyond that, there’s no better way to join the conversations that are already taking place about your industry or company. Reading and commenting on other blogs can also increase your exposure and help you acquire new links as well. On the other hand, when outsourcing to Philippine call center to do your SEO, it’s your job to know what kind of tactics the company uses. Ask for specifics. Ask if there are any risks involved. Then get online yourself and do your own research—about the company, about the tactics they discussed, and so forth.



Call Centre: Search Engine Optimization

Sunday, March 6th, 2011

Small business in the internet age is still about marketing. In this case much of that marketing takes place online.  Search engine optimization is inevitable requirement in internet business. And same like in in small business firms who has limited budgets in SEO or marketing find themselves in very difficult position. Small business owners need to learn what works and doesn’t work when it comes to SEO and paid search techniques. The cost of paid search continues to rise, so SEO may be a better place to spend your time and money.  SEO strategies also can help your website increase your position in major search engines namely Google, Yahoo and Bing. There are two areas that get highly affected while optimizing the websites to make it friendly to the search engine.


Strong Website Presence. On optimizing the websites as per the specific constraints of the search engine, you can even place your website at the top in the search engine result page. Individuals when generally search the websites on search engine they go for those websites that ranks at the top. Due to this phenomenon, it is very important to upgrade the ranking of the websites so that it can get more quality traffic.


Increased Sales & Lead Generation. The number of clients in your business greatly depends on number of visitors visiting your business and showing interest into it. Therefore good ranking in turn will bring clients to your business and therefore you would be able to generate lead at a higher extent. Thus flourishing your business will be affected highly through good search engine ranking.


BPO: Significance of Web Design

Tuesday, February 1st, 2011

The Internet has changed the way companies do business. To thrive on the internet, every business has to make its products, services and interface more attractive than competitors that are only a few mouse-clicks away. There is no faster or more effective way these days to reach new customers than through online marketing. The trend now is that companies are shifting their back-office operations to BPO call center to save money. They know that to reach the growing market of consumers, the internet is the way to create new and profitable relationships, as well as big profits.

Winn­­­ing customers is essential for the success of a business. Business websites are specially designed to attract the eyes of customers. They are designing websites and putting all kinds of information about themselves there so that people can get to know about them. A website should be designed keeping in mind the SEO criteria otherwise it will remain as just a signboard. You must remember that for many of your customers, your website is their initial point of contact that’s why you have to make the right first impression. Web design should be kept simple: you want customers to be able to navigate your site with ease. It also allows you to connect with your customers without you realizing this connection. They key is to convey your message, products, and services in a way that emulates an in-store experience.

Together with the search engine optimization process, still, web design plays an important role. If your site is a train wreck, this won’t matter. They won’t want to give you money or visit again; they’ll go somewhere else more often than not.


BPO Service: Search Engine Optimization

Tuesday, January 25th, 2011

It is very evident that the internet has greatly become a part of our everyday lives. It has an even more profound effect on the way we work, live and learn. Today, most people have the easiest way to access the internet through their home or office PC, smart devices such as tablet-sized PCs and smart cellular phones. People are able to share information seamlessly across devices and interact with them in a more natural way. The language of the internet has become universal; any business can create products and services that make use of it. The entire world is your market, and you could potentially reach more people through the world wide web.

Today a business organization needs recognition in the market much faster and that’s why they are opting for online marketing strategies as internet provides information much faster and is accessible at any time and at any place. Success of a website depends a lot on its search engine optimization or SEO. Search engine optimization is such an important tool in getting your landing page ranked higher than the millions of other potential pages in your market. It is a business plan in action which is used for improving or increasing the volume of traffic to a website through the normal searching process. Any business can succeed in the online world if powerful SEO tools are used. And to save time and money, hiring out BPO companies can actually help in business support services.

Visibility of a business website is very important. The more you are visible,the more you will be recognized and for maximum visibility one needs to stress more on proper SEO operations.