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Inbound Call Center: Excellent Leaders

Company culture is the distinctive personality of the organization. It determines how members act, how energetically they contribute to teamwork, problem solving, innovation, customer service, productivity, and quality. It is simple to build an engaging culture. In today’s competitive business environment, with the added stress of the economic state, keeping your employees motivated and optimistic is more important than ever.

Each time you communicate with a superior or subordinate, you convey your mood to them, and that mood will affect their own. If leaders want people to be engaged, engage them. If leaders want people to be involved, involve them. If managers want good communications and relationships, they communicate and establish good relationships. If leaders want people to be efficient and productive, they help employees understand their financial and production environment.

Effective leaders keep the mission in front of their employees throughout the hiring process and new hire and ongoing training, and they see every communication opportunity as one more tool to keep the mission on the radar. Today’s inbound call center leaders must rely on the skills of a facilitator. The effective call center leader sees call center representatives as partners in coming up with new ways to delight customers.

An important behavior of effective Philippine call center leaders is that they never let the coaching moment go. If there’s a call center performance issue, they handle it without delay. They let strong performers know that their call center performance is truly appreciated. Leaders who truly unleash the excellence of their organizations are those who see every day as an opportunity to become a better call center leader.

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Inbound Call Center: Motivating Employees

Working as a customer service representative can be a very challenging position for many reasons. In an inbound call center, for example, employees must deal with a relentless stream of difficult customers, while having most of their actions micromanaged and monitored. Under such conditions, it is not rare to encounter low morale and a total lack of enthusiasm for the job at hand.

The force behind the desire to work is motivation which in turn generates from a number of factors. Some of the factors include cash and non-cash incentives, appreciation for good performance, friendly workplace environment, career growth opportunities and involvement in the matters of the company. You should reward your employees according to their achievements, capability and qualification.

Self appraisal is the new concept that is being adopted by many companies. In this, employees are allowed to judge themselves and sort out ways to overcome their weaknesses. Employee feedback is also necessary to know the real situation of the working conditions. Employees also expect continuous growth in their career. They look for opportunities that will promote them to higher positions. You should introduce training programs that will help your employees to learn new skills and techniques in their field. You should also give special attention to employees who are low on self esteem.

Try to create a positive work atmosphere for them. Make them realize that they are also important for the organization like any other employee. All these factors motivate people to give their best and also keep the attrition rate low. They are happy and satisfied with their organizations under these motivating factors.  On the other hand, some employees are self-motivated. They are driven by their own passion, determination and devotion to perform their very best.

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World of Customer Service

In customer service, it’s critical to make sure that your whole value proposition is clear and is consistently delivered in a way that delights and even surprises your customers. This gets done in two ways. The first is through a positive customer focused company culture that values, supports and nurtures relationships. The second is from the personal commitment and determination of the people that take care of the customers every day.

You chose this job, or it chose you.

Either way, it’s in your best interest and the best interest of the customer for you to show up and be fully present to the job. Find joy in doing your job well. Recognize and acknowledge yourself for all the “wins” during your day.

Be proud of what you do.

Whether you’re an inbound or outbound agent, you play an important role in the company’s success. You have the opportunity keep those customers happy, coming back, and referring friends.

The customer is not always right.

Your job is to be so skillful that even if they are wrong, angry, nasty or just having a bad day, you have the ability to turn a bad situation into a better one. A highly skilled customer facing person is a magician, able to transform and diffuse difficult situations into good ones.

You have the opportunity to make the world a better place every day.

When you make your best effort to add sincere care and appreciation to every interaction, you are infusing it with positive energy and vibration. When the customer leaves the interaction with you feeling good they are likely to spread that positive emotion.

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Inbound Call Center: Know your Customers

Not every customer is the same and each has their own set of credentials that they go through when making a purchase. For any business to be successful in today’s environment you need to understand today’s customers.

Who they are.

Knowing how they think and work will help you offer the best solutions. When you get to know them, they will learn to trust you and will seek out your advice.

Why they buy.

If you know why customers buy a product or service, it’s easier to match their needs to the benefits your business can offer.

When they buy.

Individuals who buy rarely from you may need additional encouragement — that is, more telemarketing.

How much money they have.

Why spend precious time pitching products that your customers can’t afford? This isn’t only a time-waster: It could also offend or embarrass your customer, demonstrate your lack of interest in their needs, and cause them to lose interest in your company.

What makes them feel good about buying.

There will always be the customers that choose price over everything else including customer service, that’s just the way it is, but lately customers have been willing to pay a few extra bucks to buy from the companies who offer and deliver on excellent customer service.

What they expect of you.

Think about what you can do to improve the way they work, so that when they ask your advice you’ll have something useful to pass onto them. Nothing impresses a client more than an inbound call center agent who looks beyond the immediate problem to something that may occur in the future.

What they think about you.

Feedback from your customers is the best way to improve your products and services, meet customer needs, and attract more customers.

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Inbound Call Center: Customer Loyalty

Customer service is critical in any business and customer satisfaction is not enough to ensure repeat business. Loyal customers are the best marketing in town. Improving customer loyalty will shine as a telemarketing tool while at the same time improve delivery of your service or products.

Thank customers for doing business with you.

Among the very best ways you can convey your appreciation to your customer is to personally and verbally, thank them for doing business with you.

Stay in contact with existing and past clients on a consistent basis.

By not forgetting them, they won’t forget you. Phone calls, note cards or postcards, newsletters, and email are only some ideas.

Anticipate customers’ needs.

Delivering more than they expect is one of the most powerful ways to gain customer loyalty.


Listening to your customers can revolutionize your business. Asking them for feedback allows you to get deeper insight into how they feel about your business, and what you can do to make it better.

Make realistic promises—and be consistent.

Keeping promises and delivering consistent results is a key to proving the reliability of your company, product or service, and this is a major intangible business value.

Share information.

Send pertinent articles or information that may be valuable or simply interesting to a client. Always look for ways to help customers learn.

Give referrals to clients.

Send business back to a client whenever possible, and let them know you are doing it.

Explain how things work.

If you’re in outbound call center, when you sell a product, show how to use it. If you sell a service, explain what the customer can do to maximize its value.

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Inbound Call Center: Customer Experience

We always encounter customer service everywhere, hotel, restaurant, shopping mall, airport, Philippine call center, etc. Well, because customer service is a department and also a job title. Traditionally, inbound customer service has focused on two functions. First is delivering the product or service after the sale. Second is resolving complaints customers have regarding the delivery of the service or product. But what makes this customer service exceptional is how the customer feels about doing business with you.

Every company provides a customer experience. Your company does too, regardless of whether you create it consciously. That experience may be good, bad or indifferent, but the very fact that you have customers, you interact with those customers in some manner, and provide them products and services, means that they have an experience with you and your brand. It’s up to you whether it’s superlative, awful or industry average. It’s the customer experience which is an important factor in customer retention and referrals than anything else. It is the sum total of everything you do for your customers.

It’s important that every time you make contact with your customers, make sure you take that as a great opportunity to create an outstanding experience with them. Make them feel that they are the most important person in your company. If you want to be a player though, you need to deliver a great experience. You need to discover what your customers expect and then deliver that plus more. And you need to do it in a way that thrills them every time with no exceptions.

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Exceptional Customer Service Experience

It was summer and my birthday as well so I decided to take a vacation with my family in a nice resort hotel. Before I go there, all I was expecting were nice room, beautiful beach and great weather.  When I arrived at the airport, a good looking hotel representative approached me with a warmth smile. He then carried our luggage and escorted us in the ferry boat. Upon entering that nice ferry, a beautiful young lady greeted and offered us cold towels, bottled waters and snacks.

I said to myself, I never expected this kind of treatment. After that five minute ride, we were guided inside the van for a ten minute ride to the hotel. When we got there, we were welcomed again by a beautiful guest relation staff and she led us directly in the room. In the room, I was even more surprised because there was a birthday banner, a nice birthday cake, a welcome dessert platter and a cupcake that had my son’s name on it. I almost cried in surprise because I never thought about that. I was really speechless that time because those small things brought me so much happiness, that I must say was an exceptional customer service which I could never forget. I was treated like a queen for once in my life and I wanted to keep on coming back to that place.

I got a nice room, the weather and the beach was beautiful and the best part of all, I experienced something that was very inspirational and I could share with my inbound call center agents, so they would know how important customer service is.

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Philippines Call Center: Healthy Relationships

Today, relationships have become very short-living and fast-paced. It is very challenging for a person to stay in a relationship for a long time. In Philippines call center, this is one of the human issues. Call center agents who have families suffer a lot because of the nature of their job. Some find new partners and some are being tempted to have partners even if they are married already. We all have to admit that in our relationship, we run into a few bumps in the road. In spite of the fact that every couple experiences relationship problems, those who are successful have learned how to manage them and keep their love life going.

A strong, healthy relationship can be one of the best supports in your life. Good relationships improve your life in all aspects, strengthening your health, your mind and your connections with others as well. However, it can also be one of the greatest drains if the relationship is not working. The most important part of any healthy relationship between two people is being able to talk and listen to one another.

By listening carefully and sharing your thoughts and feelings with another person, you show them that they are an important part of your life. You also need to respect and trust important people in your life. Disagreements may still happen, but you learn to stay calm and talk about how you feel. Working through disagreements often makes the relationship stronger. In healthy relationships, people respect each other for who they are. This includes respecting and listening to yourself and your feelings so you can set boundaries and feel comfortable.

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Inbound Call Center Agent’s Relaxation Tips

Spending all day on the phone dealing with people you barely know, day after day, is difficult. Doing it under constant pressure to keep call volumes up is even more difficult. And doing it with “very little authority or autonomy to rectify problems” that arise is perhaps the most difficult of all. These are just some common challenges that an inbound call center agent experiences.

In general, it is very stressful to work in Philippines call center. While experts say that some stress is good for you — it can sharpen your senses and your mind — too much stress is bad for your mental and physical health. At the same time, relaxation can do wonders to restore balance in your life — and may even reduce some of the health risks associated with stress.

Taking time out for ourselves is not selfish but an essential part of maintaining a healthy mind, body and spirit. There are simple and affordable ways by which you can pamper yourself. Exclusive time is the first thing you need. Take a hot shower bath after work. Pamper your body and skin by taking care of it. Moisturize your body, trim your nails, manicure and pedicure at home, and indulge in some basic skin care steps.

A body massage can also help. The daily hustle of life takes away energy from our bodies and thus a small nap can do wonders for re-energizing your mind and body. Go out for a walk, meditate, join some yoga class, read books, listen to your favorite music, prepare your favorite dish, watch movies with your friends and so many things to do. For as long as you give time to yourself that makes you happy, you deserved it.

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Customer Service: Building Self-Confidence

Customer Service
Customer Service
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Inbound call center agents know very well how difficult it can be dealing with the customers on a day-to-day basis. If you are working at a call center, the potential for difficulty in customer service can be even greater since they are most likely calling you because they have a problem.

Not so happy customers combined with demanding bosses can really take its toll on your self-confidence. Confidence has always been the core of self development; the building block on which goal setting, motivation, problem solving and communication. Without confidence you will surely miss a lot of available opportunities because you will be afraid to take the risk of trying something that you aren’t sure you can handle. There are many factors that influence your ability to have confidence in yourself.

Positive self-image

This is important to a fully developed sense of self and gives you the ability to build confidence.

Your view to the world

Many people with low self-esteem or self confidence place too much importance on what others think. Learning to think for yourself and being able to express those thoughts to others is the key to feeling good about yourself.

Deal your mistakes by yourself

Understanding that mistakes are a part of everyday life for everyone is important in developing self confidence. The fear of making a mistake can cause you to freeze into non-action.


Depression can actually stem from a lack of self confidence. When you consistently feel self critical about what you do and things in your life it can lead to becoming depressed. Although depression can have many roots, lacking self confidence can contribute to it.

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