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Philippines Call Center: Healthy Relationships

Today, relationships have become very short-living and fast-paced. It is very challenging for a person to stay in a relationship for a long time. In Philippines call center, this is one of the human issues. Call center agents who have families suffer a lot because of the nature of their job. Some find new partners and some are being tempted to have partners even if they are married already. We all have to admit that in our relationship, we run into a few bumps in the road. In spite of the fact that every couple experiences relationship problems, those who are successful have learned how to manage them and keep their love life going.

A strong, healthy relationship can be one of the best supports in your life. Good relationships improve your life in all aspects, strengthening your health, your mind and your connections with others as well. However, it can also be one of the greatest drains if the relationship is not working. The most important part of any healthy relationship between two people is being able to talk and listen to one another.

By listening carefully and sharing your thoughts and feelings with another person, you show them that they are an important part of your life. You also need to respect and trust important people in your life. Disagreements may still happen, but you learn to stay calm and talk about how you feel. Working through disagreements often makes the relationship stronger. In healthy relationships, people respect each other for who they are. This includes respecting and listening to yourself and your feelings so you can set boundaries and feel comfortable.

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Inbound Call Center Agent’s Relaxation Tips

Spending all day on the phone dealing with people you barely know, day after day, is difficult. Doing it under constant pressure to keep call volumes up is even more difficult. And doing it with “very little authority or autonomy to rectify problems” that arise is perhaps the most difficult of all. These are just some common challenges that an inbound call center agent experiences.

In general, it is very stressful to work in Philippines call center. While experts say that some stress is good for you — it can sharpen your senses and your mind — too much stress is bad for your mental and physical health. At the same time, relaxation can do wonders to restore balance in your life — and may even reduce some of the health risks associated with stress.

Taking time out for ourselves is not selfish but an essential part of maintaining a healthy mind, body and spirit. There are simple and affordable ways by which you can pamper yourself. Exclusive time is the first thing you need. Take a hot shower bath after work. Pamper your body and skin by taking care of it. Moisturize your body, trim your nails, manicure and pedicure at home, and indulge in some basic skin care steps.

A body massage can also help. The daily hustle of life takes away energy from our bodies and thus a small nap can do wonders for re-energizing your mind and body. Go out for a walk, meditate, join some yoga class, read books, listen to your favorite music, prepare your favorite dish, watch movies with your friends and so many things to do. For as long as you give time to yourself that makes you happy, you deserved it.

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Customer Service: Building Self-Confidence

Customer Service
Customer Service
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Inbound call center agents know very well how difficult it can be dealing with the customers on a day-to-day basis. If you are working at a call center, the potential for difficulty in customer service can be even greater since they are most likely calling you because they have a problem.

Not so happy customers combined with demanding bosses can really take its toll on your self-confidence. Confidence has always been the core of self development; the building block on which goal setting, motivation, problem solving and communication. Without confidence you will surely miss a lot of available opportunities because you will be afraid to take the risk of trying something that you aren’t sure you can handle. There are many factors that influence your ability to have confidence in yourself.

Positive self-image

This is important to a fully developed sense of self and gives you the ability to build confidence.

Your view to the world

Many people with low self-esteem or self confidence place too much importance on what others think. Learning to think for yourself and being able to express those thoughts to others is the key to feeling good about yourself.

Deal your mistakes by yourself

Understanding that mistakes are a part of everyday life for everyone is important in developing self confidence. The fear of making a mistake can cause you to freeze into non-action.


Depression can actually stem from a lack of self confidence. When you consistently feel self critical about what you do and things in your life it can lead to becoming depressed. Although depression can have many roots, lacking self confidence can contribute to it.

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Inbound Agent: Managing Customer Behavior

Inbound Agent
Inbound Agent
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For inbound call center agents, it’s their responsibility to deliver a quality customer service at all times.  But every caller varies; customer service agent should learn to react accordingly to these different types of callers in order to provide better service. There are caller behavior patterns namely assertive, angry, passive and talkative. Each pattern needs a different approach that an inbound agent should know.

Assertive Callers

They easily show authority and usually get to the point immediately. They spend little time with non-business conversation and want their concern to be taken cared of.  To be able to manage them, you have to understand their request. Use close question to help control the conversation and always be friendly but specific and direct with your statements. Remain courteous.

Angry Callers

Handling angry customers is very challenging yet rewarding if the customer service agent knows how to manage the conversation. Always be polite and remember to stay calm, they are not angry with you personally; their expectations are just not met so they need someone to speak with regarding their complaints. You have to listen to understand the problem and apologize in a general way. You also need to propose an action plan that will solve the problem so they will feel that they’re being given importance.

Passive Callers

They are easy to manage because they don’t usually complain but it’s a mistake to take them for granted. You should ask them about the level of service or if they have any suggestions.

Talkative Callers

They are often interesting and enjoyable but they can take a lot of time. So make sure to ask closed questions and always steer the conversation back to business.

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Inbound Call Center: Customer Retention

Inbound Call Center
Inbound Call Center
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In any business, customer retention is a growing challenge. The fact that it’s more expensive to acquire customers than to retain them, your past customers are the ones who are most likely to be future purchasers. Customer service agent plays an important role in retaining customers by building a strong relationship with them. The stronger the relationship, the more likely they will patronize your products or services.

Every customer values and appreciates good customer service. If customers feel bad about how they have been treated, they will tell their friends about it, with the technology right now and the use of social media, communication is just a click away. Customers demand value for money, or they are out of the door. Customer wants to be appreciated, this is important because they will have this in mind when your competition moves in to take them away. Happy customers like to share their positive experiences with friends and colleagues, which is important in the referral process.

For inbound call center agent, the key to keeping people on the phone is starting a conversation with them, building a rapport from the first moment, and keeping it going throughout the phone call and into the future. Once a relationship has been established, either in the form of an interested prospect or a committed customer, the goal is to maintain it and use it to generate future sales. Continuity of telemarketing agents is essential to cultivate the solid relationships with your customers that will keep them coming back again and again. Your most important asset is your customer, so building and strengthening the foundations you have with them is a great way to turn them into lifetime customers.

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Inbound Call Center: Advancement in Customer Service

It’s 2011 already and customer service is still the most important issue especially for small business owners. Customers learn to demand more. They know that the product that they side with will need their patronage in the long run. So their demands for better inbound call center are going up with time. The sense of weakness in service will go for a toss in 2011 that’s why it’s very important for every company to know some customer service trends this year.

Online methods of customer service will be in focus. Customers often prefer to write to the customer care email id. The BPO has to answer these emails. They may leave comments on the website, on the blog, on forums or on the discussion board. If your brand has a social media presence, users may use that platform to connect with you as well.

Customer service has become the new marketing. Small business owners used to be afraid that a dissatisfied customer would tell 7 people. Now, through social media sites, they can tell 7 million people. On the flip side, “raving fans” can be your biggest source of new business as they tell everyone how great your company is. Consumers believe what their peers say about your company more than they believe any of your own paid advertising.

The time to react to your customer is shrinking. In this 24/7 instant gratification world, the time in which your customer expects you to be able to resolve their problem is getting smaller. Most customers expect to be able to reach you 24/7, and for you to resolve their concern on the very first call or at least the same day.

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2011 Customer Service Trends

In the face of a recession and a very tight global competition, every company must still realize that the only way to survive and to increase market share is to keep customers satisfied. In 2011, it‘ll be another challenge for some business to adapt to higher customer demands. Based on a recent customer service survey by Frost & Sullivan, here are the top call center trends.

Customer satisfaction, a top priority: Half of respondents were classified as “customer-oriented”. A further 35% were classified as searching for the “latest and greatest” applications. “Cost-focused” represented the remaining 15% of respondents.

Rapid growth of social media customer interactions: 30 percent indicated they support social media customer interactions on social media sites such as facebook, twitter, etc. and 29 percent extract intelligence from this activity. Of social media benefits, the top three cited were to “provide better customer service,” (75 percent), “drive sales,” (58 percent), and “drive customer loyalty” (54 percent).

Growth of web collaboration, text and video: With supported inbound interaction channels, growth from 2009 to 2010 was highest for text/SMS (25 percent increase), video (15 percent increase), and Web-based interactions (8 percent increase).

Consistent customer experience: The largest majority of respondents – 67 percent – rated ensuring consistent service across channels as a “very high priority” or “high priority.”

Significant increase in proactive customer contact activity: Of three types of outbound service programs, the majority — 65 percent — indicated they would increase their “proactive, value-add customer contact” programs over the next two years; 43 percent said they would increase their “sales and marketing” programs, and 42 percent said they would increase their “collections” programs.

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Inbound Agent Shares Tips on How to Save Money on Christmas

Christmas is a big holiday in the Philippines. It’s so huge that almost every Filipino really go out of their way and take time to prepare for this annual occasion. Gift giving has been part of our tradition but with our economy nowadays, it’s advisable to be practical and not to spend so much on gifts.

As an inbound call center agent, I admit that I receive more compensations than any other jobs. But still, I keep in mind that I don’t need to spend a lot on gifts. Here are some practical ways to save money.

Make a list. Shopping on the fly is a sure way to go over budget. Make a list of what you plan to buy for everyone before you hit the stores. Also jot down an estimate of how much you expect to spend on each gift.

Scale back. If your Christmas list grown to an unreasonable length, it’s time to start pruning. If you have a large extended family, consider buying a single gift for everyone in the family or only buying for the kids.

Shop early. When it comes to Christmas shopping, more time means more options. Make your shopping list out several months before Christmas and use the time cushion to comparison shop and watch for sales.

Set your own expectations. Stop doing what others want and start doing what you want. It’s okay to decide that you can’t afford to do for everyone. Put yourself first and you’ll be doing your finances a big favor.

Saving money at Christmas is worth doing. Set a budget for your family and enjoy a holiday season that’s free of financial worry.

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Inbound Call Center Agent: Showing Positivity at Work

As an inbound call center agent, I always face a lot of difficulties that is far different from the usual jobs that I know. Change of body clock that leads to lack of sleep. Unhealthy practices such as smoking, lack of exercise and junk foods. It is also a fact that working in a call centre causes stress due to a lot of calls, sales quota and irate customers. You may also encounter some danger from traveling at night since not everyone has its own vehicle. These maybe some of the negative things that an agent may face but if you think of the positive side, for sure that you would be thankful that you have this great job.

As we all know, every call center in the Philippines has a nice working environment, fully air-conditioned and comfortable work place, all you have to do is to take a seat and appreciate the beauty of your office. How about the free coffee and sleeping quarters? The health benefits and the higher compensation compared to other jobs. It is always grateful to work in a company that knows how to anticipate your needs as an employee. If you’re a party animal before and spend late nights at the bars until morning, why not work in call center instead? Same time that you usually spend but at least you’re earning. These are some few things that you would always be thankful of as being a part of the call center industry.

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Inbound Call Center: Key to Profitability

Before, call centers didn’t always have the best impression. The phones were manned by untrained agents who did little more than pass along messages of dissatisfaction from consumer to producer. This bad reputation is caused by poor phone systems, lack of call tracking tools, and below standard procedures in fielding communications. But then as years passed by where technologies and higher level of strategies were developed, businesses soon realized that they could use call centers to make a positive impression on customers. The rise of Philippines call center made a huge impact not just in our economy but also in every offshore company who wants to take advantage of its resources.

As for the inbound call center, it plays a big role in delivering quality service to customers. It is mainly a fielder of complaints and returns. After all, businesses rarely, if ever, receive a call from a satisfied customer. Many companies don’t realize that there is no better place to use resources than turning dissatisfied customers into delighted ones and soon to become loyal or repeat customers. We all know that the word of mouth is a very powerful marketing tool so it is very important for every inbound call center agents to take every situation as a good opportunity to grow. Some factors that need to be focused on are well-trained agents and specific guidelines in handling a range of different call types. Now, call centers can help satisfy the customer immediate needs and change their point of view towards the company.

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