Green Call Center

Green Call Center


Executive Boutique Call Center has been a green company right from the start and we continue to find and look for new ways to save energy and help the environment in our daily business lives. We strive to keep our carbon footprint small so future generations can enjoy this beautiful planet. This is not just talk. We have set a series of initiatives to make sure our company is green and stays green.


    We have a company-wide initiative to involve every employee with a series of "green office" programs to educate and promote the sustainable office. Team members are encouraged to share their stories of how they have reduced their carbon footprint and offer suggestions for our office and our homes.

  • We chose not to use petroleum based plastics to create our workspaces. Instead we built our workstations with "green" sustainable wood in a local factory a few miles from our offices. By shopping locally, we saved the fossil fuels that would have normally been used for delivery. These workstations are also fully biodegradable.
  • We are moving our web hosting to a reliable and responsible web hosting company that uses solar power and is carbon free.
  • We offer incentives and encourage all of our employees to use public transportation.
  • In our recent office expansion we chose not to use petrochemical based carpet.
  • We use only flat screen monitors and energy efficient computers.
  • Our servers are all rated for low energy consumption.
  • We use passive cooling techniques to use less air conditioning
  • We keep lights and computers off when they are not being used and constantly monitor the office for hidden consumption that we can turn off.
  • We have "green vendor" initiative to seek out and use Earth-friendly companies to do business with.
  • We use the "Think before you print" motto to cut down on paper usage and use "green" cleaning products in our facilities.
  • We create very few paper marketing but if we do, we use materials that are developed using recycled materials, non-toxic inks and glues.
  • We support our neighboring island's endangered species, the Philippine Tarsier.
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