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Frequently Asked Questions

Below are answers to many of the frequently asked questions you may have about our services.
Please feel free to contact us to further discuss your needs to see if Executive Boutique is a good fit for your company.

How much do Executive Boutique's services cost?
Do you accept campaigns on a performance basis fee structure?
Do Executive Boutique's agents have an accent?
Can I hear how the agents speak?
Why is the Philippines a good locale for an outsourced call center and business support center?
What is the quality of Executive Boutique's telephone lines?
Will my customers know that calls are coming from or going to the Philippines?
Will the agents working for me also be working for other clients at the same time?


Organizational Information

Where is your main office’s address?

General Call Centre Size and Type of Services

What is the total number of seats in call center?
What is the ratio of agents to supervisor?
Current Hours of operation and availability?
Are agents dedicated or shared between customers?
What is the ratio of inbound to outbound services?

Telecom Infrastructure

Describe the technology infrastructure of the call center.
What type of PBX telephone system do you use?
Describe your ACD (Automatic Call Distributor).
Describe your IVR (Interactive Voice Response).
What type of predictive Dialer are you using?
What is your internet bandwidth?
What is the quality of the telephone lines?

Software Systems/Cloud-Based System

What CRM are you using?
(For Customer Support and Tech Support services), will the agents have access to our CRM or ticketing system?
(For lead generation campaigns) Do you have a lead management system for real-time lead posting?
Can your system make a warm call transfer to a 3rd party?
Can your system leave a prerecorded message when it connects with an answering machine?
Does your system automatically record all calls and store them for access by client? If so, how are they accessible and how are they organized for easy access?
Do your systems include programmable Interactive Scripting (with branch logic) to insure agent consistency in messaging and responses to questions?

Backup Systems

Do you have a backup Internet Service Provider (ISP) in the event of outages?
Do you have backup telecom providers?
What is the structure of your backup electric system (generators, UPS etc.)?

Physical Security Measures

What physical security measures are in place to limit access to the call center to authorized personnel?

Data Security Policy

What is your data security policy?

Hiring, Training and Retention Procedures for Agents

What is your agent hiring and recruiting procedures?
What is the standard hiring profile and minimum skill requirements for agents (i.e. education level, prior experience, etc.)?
What pool of labor does your company typically draw from in the community (i.e. nearby colleges; nearby competitors)?
What is your training procedure for new agents?
What is your turnover rate for agents?
What moral building programs to you offer to your agents?

Setup and Launch Procedures for New Accounts

Can we conduct interviews and select specific agents for our campaigns/services?
What are your client specific training procedures?
Are clients encouraged to visit for on-site training?
What tools do you use to facilitate remote training by client?
Do you assist in the preparation of the training materials and scripts?

Quality Assurance/Call Monitoring

Describe your QA “quality assurance” practices and internal evaluation process for agents?
Describe how call monitoring is handled both on and off-site?
Are call recordings archived and available for client review and for how long?
Do you have a dedicated staff of QA personnel?

Account Management Structure

How will our account be managed on a day-to-day basis? What is the structure of the management team?
Who will be primarily responsible for our account and how will we communicate with them?
Will our account manager have a local phone number for us to call?
Will we be able to chat online with our account manager in real-time?

Performance Measurements and Reporting Capabilities

What KPI (Key Performance Indicators) will be used to judge the effectiveness of your services?
What types of KPI reporting and capabilities does your system provide?
Can you provide sample activity reports?

Service Contract Terms

Can you provide a copy of your standard form of agreement?
Is there a minimum term?
Is there a minimum number of agents we need to hire?
What is your cancellation policy? How many days’ notice is required?
Are there any set-up fees?

Pricing Structure

What is your pricing structure? Monthly, Hourly, Per minute?
Are there any fees in addition to the base service fees?
Do you allow additional bonuses to be paid by the customer to the agents?
Do you have an agent bonus incentive plan built into your rate structure?
Do you pay for health insurance for your agents?


Prior to executing an agreement, will you be able to provided references from current customers?