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Business Process Outsourcing

How Incentive Plans Can Boost Your Sales Agents’ Morale

Sales Agents Morale

As a business owner, it can be quite frustrating if those in your employ don’t share your enthusiasm for the shared goals you’ve set out for your company. When most employees are feeling uninspired and unmotivated about the work they…

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5 Ways to Helping Your Customer Support Team With Managing Their AHT

Customer Support AHT

In running a call center, your customer support team will be required to pass several key performance indicators including average handling time. Average handling time (AHT) is the number of minutes it takes for a call to get resolved from…

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4 Ways to Establishing a Better Relationship with Your Partner Contact Center


A good number of companies are outsourcing their business processes to contact centers for a variety of reasons. For one thing, outsourcing allows them to focus on their core businesses while handing off tasks such as customer service, technical support…

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