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EB Call Center Gave its Agents 10 Million Pesos in BONUSES and COMMISSIONS in 2015

That’s not a typo. The numbers are exactly as it reads. We’ve given over 10 million pesos in bonuses and commissions to our agents this 2015. The results have proven to be quite phenomenal for both the company and our agents.  We have many agents earning more than two times their salary in bonus without the high pressure and stress you see in many centers.

The good news for YOU is that we are rapidly growing in 2016 and looking for experienced agents who want to earn a lot more than just a paycheck.

Get YOUR Share Of More Than

10,000,000 Pesos

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Get A Signing Bonus of 20,000 Pesos

EB CALL CENTER is NOT just another big center where you’re just a very small fish in a huge ocean of people. We pride ourselves for having a family friendly and fun filled workplace where your work gets appreciated and you are compensated for your performance. And nope, those aren’t just empty words.  Read our agent’s testimonies below.

What’s more?

The Php10 million figure I mentioned doesn’t include the competitive salary of  P18,000+  that we give to our agents, nor does it include our generous package of benefits.

In short – we love our agents. And we make sure that we give them as much as we can, whenever we can!

If you are sick and tired of reporting to a high pressure and high stress office that imposes upon you near impossible and unreasonable quotas and metrics, then it’s time you join a company that truly respects you as a professional, and values your happiness as a person.

After having interviewed countless of our agents about their past work experience, we know EXACTLY the kind of misery that they went through.

You don’t need to stay at a company that sucks the life out of you and does not value your hard work and service. YOU HAVE ANOTHER OPTION!

You don’t need to wake up each day and have the sick feeling in your stomach when you think about another day at work.

Stop hurting yourself…and start enjoying your job, making friends and MAKING MORE MONEY!

Contact us now. Join our thriving and life-filled family. It’s time for you to have fun while enjoying a salary that’s way above average, all while receiving TONS of incentives and bonuses.

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SIGNING BONUS – 20,000 Pesos !!!

What kind of perks and benefits can you expect to get from us, you might ask?

That’s a very good question. And quite frankly, I’m glad you asked.

This is what our normal package of benefits look like:

  • Signing Bonus – 20,000P
  • Salary – 18,000P
  • Medical / Dental Coverage
  • Cash incentives of (Php5,000) for successfully referring your friends and relatives to join EB
  • Career Development
  • Life insurance program
  • Vacation and family leave programs
  • Annual salary increase based on performance
  • Quarterly team outing
  • Lifestyle Privilege Card
  • Free flowing coffee and hot chocolate
  • Family atmosphere
  • Great offices in IT park with outdoor private terrace overlooking Cebu City

Pretty amazing, huh?

But wait… /***drum roll***/ THERE’s MORE!

While the basic package of benefits that I listed above are certainly enough to make even your grandmother want to join us (along with her favorite cat Lucy), that’s not all there is to it.

I haven’t even included some of the other monetary benefits like the account specific bonuses and freebies, 13th month pay, or the meal and transportation allowance (among others).

I told you, didn’t I?

We love our agents. And we make sure that we give them as much as we can, whenever we can!

Use The Short Form At The Bottom To Join The EB Family Now

Just so you can picture out the kind of life our agents are having while working with us, we’ve compiled some of their testimonies about us.

* Note – we weren’t pointing a gun at our agents as they gave their testimonials. These are all legit. 🙂

Out of all the call center companies I worked with, EB is without a doubt at the front runner in terms of making sure that their agents are well cared for. EB isn’t just all about work. Their emphasis in building a culture that values meaningful relationships and making the work experience as light and as fun as possible for their agents is something that most of us appreciate.  Kinikka P., Customer Support

Fair and reasonable. I like how EB is just that. The metrics they give us are attainable. Challenging – yes. But they are certainly attainable. Alyssa C., Lead Generation

The view on the terrace is to die for! I [sic] certainly gets me the breather that I need when I stay at the terrace viewing the city lights while chatting with my friends. Liz S., Customer Support

EB might not be as big of a company as other call centers are, but the company’s desire to give us as many incentives as they can is unmissable. The company’s personal touch, and the warmth it exudes is one of the things that I like most about EB. Mark B., Tech Support

We are proud of our agents. We value their hard work, and we are glad to have received the kind of feedback that they gave.

It reminds us of how we made the right decision when we decided to give as much as we can to our agents, instead of squeezing them dry while giving them the bare minimum.

Liked what you read so far?

What are you waiting for?

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