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HIPAA Compliant Call Center

HIPAA Seal of ComplianceOur HIPAA compliant call center and business process services will not only save valuable resources for health care-related organizations, but will become part of a more efficient and complete patient care experience. Ease your organization’s administrative burdens and never worry about the security of protected health care information with the reliability of Executive Boutique Call Center’s full HIPAA compliance.

EB Call Center offers the following HIPAA Compliant Call Center Services:

Mandatory HIPAA Compliance for your health care related business and your outsource partners

Under the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), health plans, health care clearinghouses, and health care providers in the United States must follow national HIPAA compliance standards to ensure the privacy and security of protected health care information. Individual medical and health care billing information can be used and disclosed only according to the patient’s consent, and all related records must comply with HIPAA’s security requirements. A broad variety of health care-related industries and personnel must follow these rules, including insurance providers and brokers, physicians, dentists, vision care providers, hospice services, medical clinics, academic institutions, pharmacies, hospitals, therapists, counselors and medical equipment providers.

HIPAA violations can lead to crippling fines and criminal penalties. Organizations and individuals that fail to comply with HIPAA regulations can be subject to fines of up to $1,500,000 per violation and even imprisonment as a criminal penalty. As enforced by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services and the Office for Civil Rights, a single violation occurs for each individual patient whose information is misused or wrongfully disclosed.

It is important to know your responsibilities and to insist on a HIPAA compliant call center for your outsource needs. HIPAA requires that any organization you work with for recordkeeping, customer care, or any professional service that may include contact with your patients’ protected health care information must sign an agreement (as a “Business Associate”) to use protocols and safeguards that protect the privacy and security of that information. These outsource organizations must also have procedures in place to comply with HIPAA security rules and must disclose breaches of protected health care data.

Executive Boutique is a fully HIPAA Compliant Call Center—we understand privacy and never overlook security

Only HIPAA trained agents will work on your project at Executive Boutique. At our Philippine call center, each agent who works on your health care-related account has been Certified by undergoing HIPAA Compliance training and testing. Each agent is knowledgeable and experienced with HIPAA compliance for call centers. We maintain a culture of security awareness, consistently assessing our protocols and ensuring safeguards your patients’ information.

We understand the special challenges to privacy and security posed by call records and electronic health care data, so your health care service can focus on serving your patients while we focus on these HIPAA call center requirements:

  • Technical safeguards to prevent mishandling of electronically recorded and stored protected health care information
    • Network security that prevents outsiders from listening to phone or reading chat conversations
    • Encryption that renders data unusable and unreadable if wrongfully accessed
    • Limitations on the amount of data that is recorded during phone calls to prevent misuse of protected information
    • Controlled access to electronic data
    • Secure storage and disposal procedures
    • Back-up procedures to prevent data loss
  • Physical safeguards to prevent unauthorized access to health care information
    • Secure facilities that limit access to workstations and stored records
    • Protocols for removing or reusing hardware that has stored sensitive data
    • Security and privacy focused work environment
  • Administrative safeguards to maintain ongoing attention to security and privacy assessment
    • Policies for granting and monitoring access to data
    • Policies for detecting and correcting security vulnerabilities
    • Policies for ongoing development of privacy and security protocols to address new technology and regulations

A security and privacy minded call center offers cost savings and helps you build better patient service

Let our qualified agents streamline your appointment management, simplify staffing management, enhance order processing, improve data sharing for faster access to patient reports and histories, or take responsibility for customer care including follow-up calls, intake of feedback, and responding to benefits inquiries. Having those tasks organized and reliably managed, while the security of your patient data is assured, best promotes your ability to provide comprehensive patient care.

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