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HIPAA Compliance Call Center Technology

Compliance with Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) guidelines is an absolute necessity when choosing an outsourcing partner. Save valuable resources, ease administrative burdens and never worry about the security of protected health information with Executive Boutique’s HIPAA-compliant protocols and software.

We protect sensitive customer data, including personally identifiable information (PII), by encrypting the exchanges between customer and call center agent:

  • Customers input personal data (such as a credit card number, or social security number) on their phone’s keypad, without having to say it aloud. The information is hidden from the call center agent.
  • EB Call center agents can send sensitive information to customers, but the agents are not able to view or hear it.
  • Average handling time (AHT) is sped up, with agents and customers quickly and securely exchanging sensitive data.
  • Customers know you care about their data security, and customer satisfaction scores increase.

Since HIPAA’s most recent update in 2013, all entities charged with electronically storing, processing or transmitting patient data for health care professionals are subject to the same security protocols outlined in the HIPAA Privacy Rule. Developed to prevent health care fraud and abuse, HIPAA requires the confidential handling and storage of protected health information that is transmitted electronically. HIPAA compliance is increasingly important as the health care industry has shifted from paper files to more efficient digital storage.


HIPAA Compliant Outsourcing Partner

A failure to follow HIPAA rules regarding protected health information (PHI) can result in substantial fines and criminal liability, which is why it’s paramount to ensure you’re working with a HIPAA compliant call center like Executive Boutique. Organizations or persons that fail to comply with HIPAA regulations can be subject to fines of up to $1,500,000 per violation and in some cases, imprisonment. As enforced by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services and the Office for Civil Rights, a single violation occurs for each individual patient whose information is misused or wrongfully disclosed.

As a medical provider, it is vital to know your responsibilities and insist on a HIPAA compliant call center for your outsourcing needs.


HIPAA Security Rule

At our Philippine-based call center, each agent who works on your account has received extensive training on HIPAA security compliance. Our highly educated associates put a premium on security awareness, consistently assessing our protocols and ensuring e-PHI is protected at every step.

As your outsourcing partner, EB Call Center:

  • Maintains the integrity and confidentiality of all e-PHI processes
  • Identifies and stops potential security threats
  • Protects against illegal disclosure of health care information
  • Utilizes data encryption and secure intranet portals
  • Ensures workforce is up-to-date on all HIPAA regulations


Choosing a HIPAA Compliant Call Center

Outsourcing back-office processes to a call center comes with many advantages, as it saves valuable resources for health care organizations, contributing to a more efficient and satisfactory patient experience.

But how do you choose the right outsourcing partner? At Executive Boutique, all the agents assigned to work with privileged patient information are HIPAA trained. Safeguarding patient information is of critical importance, whether taking messages, filing claims, texting, screening calls or doing patient follow-up.

EB Call Center understands the special challenges to privacy and security posed by call records and electronic health care data, and our skilled agents have provided cost-efficient outsourcing services to health care organizations in the U.S., U.K., Singapore and Australia.

As a leading HIPAA compliant call center, we employ the following privacy protocols:

Technical safeguards to prevent mishandling of e-PHI

  • Network security that prevents outsiders from listening to phone or reading chat conversations
  • Encryption that renders data unusable and unreadable if wrongfully accessed
  • Limitations on the amount of data that is recorded during phone calls to prevent misuse of protected information
  • Controlled access to electronic data
  • Secure storage and disposal procedures

Physical safeguards to prevent unauthorized access to health care information

  • Secure facilities that limit access to workstations and stored records
  • Protocols for removing or reusing hardware that has stored sensitive data
  • Security and privacy focused work environment

Administrative safeguards to maintain ongoing attention to security and privacy assessment

  • Policies for granting and monitoring access to data
  • Policies for detecting and correcting security vulnerabilities


Benefits of EB Call Center

EB Call Center has the tools and expertise to help you reduce administrative costs and enhance patient care. Let our qualified agents streamline your appointment management, simplify staffing, enhance order processing, and improve data sharing for faster access to patient reports and histories.

We take responsibility for customer care, including follow-up calls, intake of feedback, and responding to benefits inquiries. Having those tasks reliably managed, while the security of your patient data is assured, allows for more focus on comprehensive patient care.


HIPAA Compliant Call Center in the Philippines

Develop a system of better patient care and enhance your services while enjoying the cost savings provided by our HIPAA compliant call center.

Worried your current outsourcing partner isn’t compliant with HIPAA regulations? For superior customer support and outbound call services that are customized to meet your needs, Executive Boutique can help you streamline workflow while adhering to health care privacy and security regulations.


Additional Resources on HIPAA Compliance:

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  2. HIPAA Journal, HIPAA Compliance Checklist https://www.hipaajournal.com/hipaa-compliance-checklist/


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