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HIPAA Compliance Call Center Training

When outsourcing back-office operations concerning protected health information (PHI), it’s essential to ensure your call center is HIPAA compliant. Medical records and identifiable data about a patient’s health must be stored and transmitted in strict accordance with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), which is intended to safeguard the privacy and security of personal medical information.

HIPAA compliance training is of the highest importance at Executive Boutique Call Center, where our agents handle large volumes of private customer data. As an established outbound call center that partners with health insurance companies, hospitals and medical providers around the globe, we understand that HIPAA compliance is crucial to entities working within the health care industry. Our agents receive in-depth, ongoing training in HIPAA mandates and regulations, and stay abreast of changes as HIPAA requisites evolve.

Our training methods assure that technical, physical and administrative safeguards are in place when entering, communicating or transmitting any form of identifiable patient information via electronic means, telephone or paper.


HIPAA Compliance Training

Call centers share many of the same requirements as health care providers – also known as “covered entities” — when it comes to storing and disseminating PHI. As such, all agents at Executive Boutique who are involved in projects containing protected health information undergo training to satisfy compliance with HIPAA Security and Privacy Rules. Training encompasses a general overview of HIPAA basics along with focus on HIPPA Security regulations.


HIPAA Compliance Training features:

  • An overview on the standards for conducting electronic data interchange and web-based (direct data entry) administrative transactions.
  • HIPAA Omnibus Rule requirements for call centers
  • Health Information Technology for Clinical Health Act (HITECH) provisions
  • Controls and Policies for HIPAA Security and Privacy Rules
  • Violations and Rules Pertaining to breach notification
  • Individuals’ Rights of Access to protected health information
  • HIPAA enforcement and penalties under state and federal law
  • Course testing and HIPAA certification


EB Call Center employs the best practices in HIPAA compliance, and participates in ongoing training and updates as legally required. Our agents have a thorough knowledge of who and what is covered under HIPAA, regulations about disclosing protected health information, and our responsibilities to keep clients compliant.

Failing to adhere to HIPAA privacy and security rules can result in serious fines and disciplinary action. Given these steep penalties, we take compliance training seriously, assuring that measures are in place to protect private patient information.


Choosing a HIPAA Compliant Call Center

As a trusted HIPAA compliant call center in Cebu, Philippines, all associates who create, receive, or transmit protected health information receive HIPAA privacy and security training, in addition to HIPAA Awareness training.

We have strict policies and procedures for every facet of maintaining the integrity and confidentiality of PHI. By using the latest cloud-based technology, encryption, firewalls and access controls, we reduce risk of breach and ensure data safety.

Executive Boutique call center utilizes HIPAA best practices in all health care-related tasks:

  • Advanced software encrypts sensitive PHI, rendering data undecipherable
  • Strict database control that allows only authorized access to PHI
  • HIPAA policies and procedures in place regarding call recording and texting
  • Regular assessments to protect against threats of breach or compromise of PHI


Benefits of EB Call Center

Executive Boutique has the skilled staff and technology in place to help your business thrive. If you are in the health care industry and looking for a dependable outsourcing partner that is HIPAA compliant, consider some of the benefits of working with EB Call Center.

  • Superior service at a fraction of the price
  • Agents available 24/7, 365 days a year
  • Enhanced operational efficiency
  • Access to latest technology
  • Reduced training and operating expenses


HIPAA Compliance Training in the Philippines

Outsourcing to a call center whose staff undergoes comprehensive HIPAA compliance training not only saves money in the long-run, it can help companies optimize workforce flexibility, while gaining access to highly trained agents who act as an extension of your own business. We are proud to lend our talent and skills to organizations in the health care industry, and our client roster includes companies in the U.S., U.K., Singapore and Australia.

Contact Executive Boutique today to request a free quote on our quality call center services.


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