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PCI DSS Compliant Call Center

PCI ComplianceSecurity is essential to building strong customer relationships and to providing satisfying customer service experiences. Protect your customers’ personal information and your business with Executive Boutique, a PCI Compliant Call Center.

EB Call Center offers the following PCI Compliant Call Center Services:

What is PCI Compliance?

To keep sensitive credit and debit card data secure, the Payment Card Industry Security Standards Council (PCI SSC) requires that companies follow the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI DSS). Retail sales as well as other payment and verification transactions can include credit card holder names, primary account numbers, expiration dates, verification codes and/or CID/CVV/CAV2/CVC2 information that are all considered sensitive personal identifying information. The PCI DSS aim to protect consumers from theft of personal information and prevent fraud related to data theft.

All organizations handling credit and debit card information are required by the PCI SSC to follow its data security standards. If your company needs to receive, transmit or store any credit card related information, whether in small or large amounts, it is important that you work with a PCI Compliant call center to avoid violations of the industry security and privacy requirements.

Executive Boutique is PCI DSS Compliant & Certified

Safe and secure management of your customers’ personal information is our focus at Executive Boutique Call Center. Our Philippine call center services are handled with a culture of security awareness that includes the use of secure networks, limiting access to secure data, as well as implementing and updating policies that target any security vulnerability. Our PCI Compliance Certification is in accordance with the PCI Security Assessment Procedures, which means that your customers and your business are protected.

We use the most secure technology, with options tailored for a variety of call needs:

  • Customers can enter credit card information directly into a secure service, eliminating any sensitive data handling by call center agents. SecureCall by Kombea is a technology that allows a customer to enter credit or debit card data using their phone’s keypad. No call center agent ever sees the card numbers, minimizing any risk of mishandling. The keypad tones are masked and will not be recognized by any listener during the call or when any recording is replayed.
  • “Pause and resume” technology prevents credit card information from being recorded. If your company needs our call center agents to directly intake credit or debit card information, we can limit sensitive data storage using a security feature that masks the portion of a call recording containing sensitive data. While your customers enjoy the ease of interacting with our call center agents, your stored recordings will be free of their personally identifying information.
  • Secure storage allows you to keep complete call data. Your company may need to keep all call data, including sensitive credit or debit card information. In this case we use PCI DSS compliant storage with encryption and security features that allow you to safely keep all required data for future access.


Earn customer trust, gain peace of mind and avoid costly fines with Executive Boutique’s PCI Compliant call center services

Executive Boutique Call Center brings security and peace of mind by ensuring that your business will avoid the costly consequences of data breaches. Ecommerce, retail, medical sales, insurance, professional service and fundraising organizations are among the many that process or store credit and debit card information. This valuable financial information is often targeted for theft, and when this data is mishandled or breached a company’s reputation and financial health are at stake.


  • loss of customer trust and business
  • irreparable damage to company reputation
  • costly compliance with state reporting requirements to inform customers of data breaches
  • fines and replacement fees levied by credit card companies
  • onerous forensic audits
  • revocation of rights to accept credit or debit cards
  • legal and remediation fees

by using only PCI Compliant call center services.

Executive Boutique brings the necessary security for all credit card transactions, helping you keep your customers’ information safe so that you can build long relationships for a healthy and growing business.

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