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PCI Compliance Call Center Technology

PCI Compliance Tech

Executive Boutique is a PCI compliant call center, which means that our professionals adhere to strict rules and regulations outlined by the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS). These requirements were designed to protect the integrity and security of consumers’ credit and payment card information while it is processed, stored and transmitted.

Providing exceptional customer service is a priority for Executive Boutique Call Center. To achieve this goal, and ensure the safe handling of private customer data, our PCI compliance call center technology and procedures meet the strictest security protocols.


Secure network protects cardholder data

As your Philippines outsourcing partner, we have the infrastructure and technology in place to keep credit and debit card data out of reach from criminal hackers. Data breaches, credit card fraud and identity theft invite reputational damages to merchants that accept payment cards, and PCI compliance violations can result is steep penalties, ranging from $5,000 to more than $100,000.

Executive Boutique’s PCI compliance technology and processing solutions are designed to offer an added level of security for credit and debit card payment processing.

EB Call Center is dedicated to employing industry best practices for safeguarding the security of customer account data. For this reason, we have been sought out by global companies in E-commerce, manufacturing, telecommunications, retail, insurance, financial services, marketing and fundraising. We continually update our software and encryption methods to meet Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards, and in our years of providing superior call center services to companies in the United States, United Kingdom, Australia, Singapore and beyond, we have never experienced a data breach.


State-of-the-art technology

Security breaches involving private card data make headlines all the time, and whether you are a growing business or a Fortune 500 company, you want to ensure your call center partner is properly equipped to stay well ahead of the next threat. In an effort to combat cyber hackers and data breaches, the Payment Card Industry, or PCI, created twelve 12 requirements that address six distinct goals:

  • To create and maintain a secure network that keeps cardholder data private.
  • To provide a safe data protection model and multiple layers of virtual and physical defense. This includes protocols for passwords, authentication, authorization, data encryption across open networks, and restricted service access.
  • To create a system that identifies security vulnerabilities, which means continually updating malware and anti-virus software, creating audit logs and monitoring systems for security risks.
  • To enforce access control measures that limit the staff who are given access to private cardholder data, with each assigned a unique login ID.
  • To regularly test and monitor security systems in place to better track data, activity and pinpoint the source of a breach.
  • To maintain an information security policy that encompasses procedures for risk analysis, administrative tasks and technology applications.

Recent analysis shows that more than 60 percent of small- and medium-sized businesses fall short on PCI compliance regulations. Merchants lose customers and credibility – not to mention the economic liabilities, when sensitive customer data is stolen or lost.

PCI compliance call center technology has been developed to combat this risk.


Choosing a PCI Compliant Call Center

If your company accepts payment with cards issued by Discover, American Express, MasterCard, JCB or Visa, then it’s essential to be PCI compliant. Choosing a call center provider to partner with is a critical decision when it comes to safeguarding security and compliance standards.

Reduce the risk of legal penalties, diminished sales, and loss of customer loyalty by partnering with a PCI compliant call center like Executive Boutique. Our state-of-the-art technology prevents sensitive data from being recorded during outbound and inbound calls. EB Call Center has the latest software capable of pausing recordings when payment information is being collected, protecting the security of private authentication data.


Benefits of EB Call Center

There are many reasons why merchants around the globe put their trust in Executive Boutique Call Center. We offer our clients top-tier technology and a highly-experienced team of professionals that deliver tangible value to your projects. Our technical and customer support services are cost-effective, easily scalable, and utilize advanced systems that follow PCI security standards. With certifications in PCI DSS, we maintain the highest security standards for handling and processing sensitive cardholder data.


PCI Compliant Call Center in the Philippines

Customer data security and PCI compliance are paramount to the health and future success of your business. With our robust, cutting-edge PCI compliance call center technology and results-focused personnel, you can put your trust in Executive Boutique to ensure your objectives are met.


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