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4 Ways to Reducing Agent Attrition Rates

Agent Attrition Rates

Agent Attrition Rates

Frequently having agents walk out of the door can be indicative of the culture that they are accustomed to in their workplace.

A heavy workload with no rest intervals in between, a strict routine-based work pace and unrecognized performance are just some of the causes that can directly increase agent attrition rates.

With agents exiting the company, it becomes burdensome of having to replace them every now and then with no certainty of a sure-keep. Plus, you can risk valuable potentials in the process.

Here are 4 simple ways in which you can overcome this:

1. Preempting applicants

Starting right is one step in significantly decreasing the chances of agent turnover in the future. The standards of hiring and recruitment must be enhanced in order to reel in people who are in it for the long haul.

Providing a Realistic Job Preview or communicating what you expect from an applicant can assure you that both parties meet in a middle ground.

Make sure you are transparent with what you expect and what you are looking for. Applicants need to know that you are after someone who can commit to the job and not just flake out at any moment.

2. Training and Monitoring

One reason why agents choose to leave is because there is no upward direction to their knowledge, skills and abilities.

According to studies, employee dissatisfaction is not derived from a minimal pay but from a lack of growth in the company.

Thus, you have to be involved in the performance level of your agents and you can do so by monitoring and identifying the weak areas that need to improved.

Training is beneficial to the employees and to the growth of your company. It is an avenue of developing skills and engaging actively with your agents.

Training can also significantly reduce stress because it allows employees to exercise group dynamics and to offer productive solutions to problems being experienced in the workplace.

3. Motivation and feedback

Make sure you provide constructive feedback to your agents and recognize those who have excellent performance records. Motivate them by giving incentives and words of praise.

Also, feedback should be two-way. You can ask your employees of the difficulties they are going through or what they can suggest to improve the system.

Agents have to be viewed as valuable resources by involving them in the actions taken as a company to boost their commitment.

4. Opening opportunities

Open new opportunities for your agents.

They might feel tied down by just sitting on their desks all day. What you can do is challenge their capabilities by assigning tasks that go beyond their comfort zone.

Constantly offer promotions to motivate agents to work harder and improve their customer relations. They have to know that they can experience new and exciting horizons when they stay in your company.


Imposing an environment that values interaction and growth can definitely put weight on commitment of your agents.

Don’t let a substandard culture hinder the growth of your company and your employees.

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