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If you will ask most people that live here, they would rather stay in Manila than any
other places in the Philippines. It must be that since Manila is a very industrialized city and people think
that they can find everything here, like the perfect job, home, nice malls and many Philippines call center
that provide good opportunities. They didn’t know that there’s this province that has more than what
Manila could offer, which is Cebu.


Cebu is one of the most historical places here in the Philippines. Its capital, Cebu City is considered
as the oldest city in the country yet very developed as well. Being the “Queen City of the South” and
the “Seat of Christianity” in the Philippines, Cebu has a rich historic past. As I could remember in my
Social Studies, how the explorer Ferdinand Magellan had reached Cebu’s shore and has spread
Christianity; and his battle against Lapu-Lapu and the rest still remains as an important aspect of the
Philippines culture.


I had a chance to visit Cebu, and the only thing that I could say is I love to stay here.
From the Mactan International Airport, I was really amazed already because it’s huge as it also serves
direct flights to some Asian countries. On my way to the city, I passed by this very highly structured
bridge, the Mactan-Cebu Bridge. But there’s still the old bridge, meaning to say that they still preserved
what is historic for them.

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