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Balancing Act for Call Center Moms

Balancing work and family is a very hard task especially for women. As part of the Philippine culture, a woman would stay at home and do household chores and take care of the family. But because of the unstable economy and the psychological need to develop self- respect, women are encouraged to take a more dynamic role outside the home and  pursue full time careers. Many moms are trying to get into the call center in the Philippines because of its high compensation and its benefits. Dealing with pressure and demands at work, spending time with family and an endless list of household chores is an ultimate challenge of working in a Philippines BPO. No matter how risky it is, at the end of it all, it will always depend on a working mom on how she manages her time.

Here are some tips to help moms keep it together:


Set Priorities. Making a record of the activities can help identify priorities and insignificant things that could just consume time.


Delegate. If the kids are old enough, have them helped with the household chores. This will create a sense of responsibility within them.


Have fun. Spend a leisurely weekend with the kids, a date with a spouse and some personal interest. Remember, that time with family is always a must.


Take care of your body. Staying healthy is always a high priority. Proper sleep and diet are necessary.
Relax and be stress-free.


Don’t think that being a working mom is such a burden. It is a blessing and a wonderful gift.


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