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BPO: Facts About Employees Leave I

Soft management skills-people skills-are the critical element in battling high turnover and creating a high-retention workforce. Today’s labor force is different. The management must take responsibility for its own employee retention. If they don’t, they could be left without enough good employees. One way is to know the reasons why employees leave.


Job was not as expected. Most of the time, when you are hired from a company, you expect something. Just like in outbound call center, you expect high salary, better benefits, free flow of coffee in the office, good working environment, etc. These are just simple expectations but there are unrealistic expectations as well. The more clearly an employee understands his or her own expectations, the higher the probability of a match in expectations.


Mismatch between job and person. We all know that Philippines is the top destination for business process outsourcing, hence, a strong labor pool is very much needed. Many graduates and undergraduates are aiming for this job because of its high compensation. But because of the need to hire many people, there’s a mismatch between job and person. The key missing ingredient in so many companies is management’s lack of passion for getting the right people in the right jobs.


Too little coaching and feedback. Performance coaching and feedback are essential for employees because they help employees know the company’s mission, vision and their role in achieving its goals. These constitute much of what gives meaning to an employee’s efforts. BPO companies need to give feedback and coaching to make sure that employees efforts stay aligned with organizational goals and the expectations of the management.

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