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Skyrocket Your BPO Company’s Performance Using These Gamification Tips



Employee engagement is undeniably important; this is especially true in a call center where your employee’s motivation have a direct impact on your customer’s satisfaction. In fact, many centers have experimented and implemented multiple strategies in an effort to engage and motivate employees. One of these strategies is gamification, and so far it has been nothing short of effective for most centers.

Applying game elements on the floor can transform your call center’s mundane day-to-day activities into competitive endeavors and do wonders for overall performance.

It can empower your organization to interact with agents at a more personal level by leveraging their innate desires for competition, self-expression, altruism, learning, and competition to achieve goals.

What can gamification do for your call center?

It encourages healthy competition

Gamification can help create a sense of competition in your workplace.

Giving points, badges, or levels to top performers is a great way to drive productivity among agents. It encourages healthy competition, especially when you make the results visible to all employees through leaderboards. Incorporate metrics like AHT, CSAT and FCR into the rankings to bring out your agents’ competitive side and encourage them to work on various aspects of their performance. Gamification can ultimately improve your bottom line and foster good working relationships among your team.

It drives employee satisfaction.

Employee satisfaction is crucial to organizational success. To deliver a satisfactory end-to-end customer experience, your agents must be satisfied, happy and motivated to perform their tasks and pursue individual and organizational goals.

Luckily, gamified activities are a great source of motivation. They create a fun and engaging work environment by turning simple tasks into competitive activities and goals into rewards. Agents will strive to be the best when they are enjoying their work and are acknowledged for the milestones they hit and the goals they achieve.

If your center has hundreds of agents, managers may not have the capacity or time to personally congratulate each employee daily, weekly and monthly. Gamification can make this process much simpler by enabling you to grant employee recognition through points, badges, levels and leaderboards.

It encourages employee interaction.

Traditional training programs and tutorials are still widely used in many centers. However, they don’t always guarantee full employee engagement. Some agents have a tendency to not be receptive to repetitive and lengthy training programs. Your call centers can improve employee on-boarding by saying goodbye to obsolete training practices. Instead of training sessions that require agents to spend hours away from the floor for extended periods, choose a more interactive approach.

Gamified training programs are all the rage for many centers now. You can certainly benefit from having interactive training sessions that gives employees access to information in a more engaging way. Here’s a closer look at how gamification can improve hiring.


Gamification can do wonders for your call center’s overall performance. However, without thorough planning, it could be counterproductive, causing poor agent collaboration and low productivity on the floor. Before gamifying, carefully evaluate your call center’s strengths and weaknesses to determine how to make the most of this approach and make sure it contributes to a positive call center culture.

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