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BPO: Leadership Skill in Philippines BPO

Have you thought of being a team leader someday, like in the Philippines BPO where leaders are very essential. Being a team leader is such a great opportunity that will happen to your career. It means that the company believes in your strengths and capabilities, that’s why they give you bigger responsibilities. You must have a strong leadership skill that will enable you and your team to achieve a common goal.


I used to be a guest relations team leader, and it made me realize the things that I never thought before. As a leader, I was showing my team on how to do things right and I was afraid to make mistakes. I was doing my best to make our team grow. But then, every time one of the team members made a mistake, the blame was always on my team. That’s when I realized that I was lacking a very important factor of being a leader, and that was proper motivation. I was just demonstrating not coaching and guiding them. Thus, they just depended on me. I learned that I should have first identified the weaknesses of my team and from that; I would have known how to resolve it. I learned that I should give them tasks and be able to trust them so they would feel important as well. I learned that it’s not always about me being a leader; it’s always about my team on how will I make us go into one direction.

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