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BPO: Work Behavior

In Philippines BPO, your attitude is very important. This is how you feel about your work and your approach towards work. In line with this, work behavior is significant as well. This is how you do your work and how you get your work done.  Your colleagues can see if you do your work with skills and applied the knowledge you know into the work. Remember that your work behaviors when left unchecked will make you unproductive. Here are some simple principles of impeccable work behavior.


Be careful with your appearance. Keep in mind that first impression is vital and it only takes seconds to get a first impression of someone. And one way to give a positive first impression is through your appearance.


Listen. Speaking and listening are twin skills of communication. Both sides must play a part for communication to occur and you can learn best by listening to what others know. Ask questions. Show that you are interested, not just interesting.


Honor other people’s territory. Looking for something on someone else’s desk, computer, desk drawers without permission is undesirable. You must show respect to your co-employees so that they’ll respect you in return.


Honor your working hours. Working nine to five doesn’t mean that you arrive at nine and leave at five. It means that you work from nine to five. Surfing the web and doing personal emails is not working. Skimping on your working hours shows lack of initiative, commitment and respect to your manager, company and position.


Keep an open mind. Make informed judgments, avoid jumping to conclusions, evaluate what you see in addition to what you hear and don’t be a party gossip.

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