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Call center agent: Giving Your Best

I have been working in a number of different jobs in my career in the Philippines. What I notice is that no matter what you do giving your best usually gives back the highest rewards. This rings very true in my current job as an inbound call center agent. I handle quite a few customer service call every day and I always try to give my best.


Even if we keep going and working and soaring high to attain our dreams and goals we need to look back and see how far are we have come and ponder whether we what we wanted and what we want is what we need. I have been writing about how to attain your goals whether your dreams are to be the best call center agent or to be the floor supervisor for a 500 seat call center.


To ponder whether if all of this is really worthy, after all the applause, the praise and triumph over our success, whether small or big is an important test. To ponder whether we did our best and whether if we made the difference, the mark, the legacy that we will be leaving behind once all is over.

The legacy that we just did not work hard for ourselves but for others as well. For living life to the fullest and once all is over, we can say that, I have lived my life.


All of this is nothing if we will not share it. We need to share what we have and what we have achieved, for even with all of our hard work we are lucky to have it. It is not ours but belongs to everyone. Whatever your work is, outbound telemarketer, chef, dog catcher, always treasure it and always give thanks.

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