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Call Center Agent: Daytime Sleep Routine

Working at night is one of the hardest challenges that Philippines call center agents may experience. Inbound and outbound  agents have to cope with the fact that working at night inevitably causes sleep deprivation and fatigue. This is because the human body is designed to sleep at night. In addition, after night shift and when you go home to try and sleep, the signs from your internal body clock, daylight, and society in general, all tell you that it’s time to be awake and active. Your sleep is likely to be fragmented and brief, no matter how tired you may feel, as what call center agents suffer every day.


No matter how hard it is, it’s important to build a successful normal sleep routine at home. Whether you are on night duty or not, make sure that your bedroom is a suitable place in which to sleep. Try some relaxation exercises or listen to some soothing music. Many agents consider drinking alcohol the best way to sleep but although its relaxing effects may help you fall asleep initially, the quality of your sleep will be diminished. Alcohol disturbs the stages of deep sleep and when you wake up you won’t feel refreshed. Avoid smoking as well because nicotine is a stimulant and it will make it more difficult for you to sleep. Sleeping tablets aren’t recommended because of their potential hangover and addictive effects. Carbohydrate food that breaks down easily may help you fall asleep such as banana, toast, oatmeal, milk and dairy products.


By preparing yourself sufficiently in advance, mentally and physically, you can reduce the negative impact of night shifts in call centre.


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