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Call Center Agent Post “Health is Wealth” Part 2

Doctors have recommended to get at least 8 hours of sleep each day. And I recommend, when you sleep, as much as possible, be in a quite environment. This will really help you to have a sound sleep. In my case, as an inbound call center agent for 3 years, my technique was this: I always turn on my iPod and tune it to classic or mellow songs and it makes me feel calm and easy to doze off and I tell you it really works. Also, lock the door in your room so that no one can enter to disturb you. When you are struggling to sleep during the daytime often a sleeping mask is very effective too.


You must eat a balanced diet: vegetables and fruits are a great pick – nutritious foods for a healthy body. Some Philippine Outsourcing companies like call centers are very health conscious so they put up food stations that offer healthy snacks for the employees. I have a friend who is very watchful of her food intake and she makes sure that she only eats organic and green foods like vegetables and fish. Moving forward, when at work and you feel sleepy, try to walk around to keep your blood in circulation and when you wake up, do some exercise that would keep your body and mind active and functioning. Do anything that will get your body in motion – patterned and in shape. Working in a call center shouldn’t mean that you aren’t keeping your body healthy, after all, health is wealth.

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