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Call Center Agent Post “Health is Wealth” Part 1

One of the biggest challenges for call center agents has been maintaining good health and a healthy lifestyle. When you try to ask an inbound agent how they manage their life working in a contact center, particularly those who are working in the night shift, they would just simply say, “it’s a matter of discipline and respect.” The health of an agent is very fragile because when it breaks, you will have a hard time in fixing it again. There’s nothing to be taken away from you when you take good care of yourself and it’s not difficult to maintain a healthy lifestyle even if you are working in the night shift.


Many call center agents find themselves a bit disoriented in managing their time at first, but if you are responsible enough to know what things can help you, then you will be better off. You can embrace your new world, live your new life, and then you can say, “hey this is easy” Call centers in the Philippines and particularly those in Cebu City, have taken action on this matter and were spreading educational information on how to handle stress and how to stay fit and healthy. Do not take for granted sleeping after your shift and refrain from doing unimportant things so you will be energized to work on your next shift. Don’t abuse you body. If you feel restless and sleepy already, don’t deprive your body of rest.

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