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Call Center Agent’s Plea for Mother Earth

What is wrong with the world to day? Calamity is hitting everywhere in this tired world. From earthquakes to typhoons to anything that you can think of. Disaster is everywhere. Is this the vengeance of mother earth for us not taking good care of her? Is she telling us that we need to change, change for the betterment of the world we live in today. To have a green and pollution free world. I do not thing mother earth can be vengeful, how can a mother be vengeful to her children. The calamities that we experienced today are the doing of our own hands. The greedy use of our resources, as if there is no tomorrow.

We need to change, think of the consequences of our actions. We need to think not just of ourselves but also of others. We only have one planet to live on, we can not afford to lose it. Losing it is losing ourselves. Our dignity and pride as human beings.

How can we go green? You might think that you can not do anything because your just one, but don’t grand plans start with one person and with one step. Each of us can do our part to turn the tides around, making a difference, a mark not just with ourselves but a mark for the people to remember. We can create legacy that we can be proud of. Yes we can make a difference. Starting with one. We have a lot to offer, just buy simply turning the lights off when not in use. There is one way of helping our planet and ourselves.

Thinking of how to minimize the impact of day to day living is a great way of making a greener planet. There are lots of ways, on our small way to help in making mother earth happy. The easiest is to make sure that the faucet is properly turned off and the lights are turned off when it is not in use. Making sure that your appliances are in proper repair and trying to use those that are more energy efficient. These are the basics that you can make it into a habit and eventually be part of your system. A way to thank mother earth for the good deeds that she has done for us. You can always search the net for more ways of helping the sick earth get better. It is up to you how to maximize the resources that you have.

The power is in your hands. IT’S UP TO YOU. . .

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