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Call Center Career: Career Growth in Call Center – I

In your everyday life as a call center agent, have you considered career growth? Just like a plant, in order for this to grow, it needs water, sunlight, air, soil with nutrients and minerals and right temperature. Same in your career, you need some essential factors for you to grow. You can’t just work and work without direction.  Given the fact that with so many agents in Philippines BPO industry, competition is really hard and it takes a great effort to get noticed and be promoted at the same time. But this shouldn’t stop you; this should serve as a drive for you to do better each day. Philippines call center agents who want to make sure that their career continues moving forward need to be sure to focus on constant self-improvement.


Always learn something new. Continuous learning gives you greater opportunities to realize your potential. Those who don’t stay ahead of the curve by keeping their skills current are likely to be seen as outdated. In today’s complex world, customers have already increased high expectations. Thus, you need to provide yourself with knowledge and skills in order to meet these expectations. It can be a new technology, a foreign language, written communication skills, a business topic or anything that will add dimension to your perspective.


Offer suggestions and ideas to help the company grow. A good management is open to communication and for sure they will appreciate that. Remember, not only the staff learns from the company but the company also learns from the staff.

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