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Call Center Career: Starting a New Job

You see thousands of call center careers on the internet and everywhere such as customer service, outbound agent, telemarketing agents and virtual assistants. You submit your resume, go through an interview and the best part is getting hired. You go out and celebrate with family and friends, and you’re excited about all the new possibilities before you. After that, the panic begins.

You start to get nervous about your new responsibilities, the new corporate culture, and the new people with whom you’ll be working. While starting a new job can be a stressful experience, this important transition doesn’t have to be full of tension and anxiety. With the right strategies and with a positive outlook, stepping into your new role can be exciting and enjoyable.

Make sure you understand from your first day why you were hired and what your goals are for the first 6–12 months. This can help with your direction in the weeks to come. Another way is to show a positive first impression to your colleagues, this may not be the best impression but this will linger on for a long time. Also ask for advice or help from your peers at regular intervals.

But it is considered wise to talk less and listen more during the first few days on the job. Body language is also an important part of projecting yourself off as a dignified professional. Avoid making comparisons between your new company and your old company. Spend plenty of time getting to know your new culture. Your boss doesn’t expect you to create full value for the company during your first few months, so take it slowly. And try to focus on a few small victories that will help you establish credibility.

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