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Call Center Life: Personal Relationships at Work

Call Center Life
Call Center Life
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A major aspect of call center life is your social encounters, who you’re working with and with whom you spend much of your time. Office romance is fairly common these days especially in Philippines call center where inbound and outbound call center agents spend most of their time sitting in the four corners of the office. Pursuing a romantic relationship in a professional setting is complicated. At best, you can end up finding your better half. At worst, you may find yourself without a lover or a job.

Know and practice HR policy

Not all companies have the same stance on inner-office romance. After becoming familiar with your own company’s policy on inner-office dating, consider whether or not the relationship is worth the potential risks to your career and reputation.

Be honest

If you decide to continue with your office fling, be open with your employers and your coworkers. Nothing is worse than dishonesty in these situations, especially because most people are knowledgeable enough to realize what is really going on.

Keep it professional

Keep it professional as much as possible when at work, and save the special treatment when you are out of the office. Additionally, don’t devote all your time to one another. Maintaining a rapport with other coworkers is part of being a confident businessperson, as you never know when you might need those contacts later in life.

Take the high road

If the relationship should end, coming into work will definitely be stressful and emotionally trying for some time. However, you can keep the office as tension-free as possible if you both agree not to gossip about the relationship with other coworkers. Try to maintain a respectful and professional demeanor, especially in front of others.

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