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Call Center Lunch: Eat or Sleep?

Call Center Lunch: Eat or Sleep?


Would you rather eat? Munch? Or sleep? Snore? What’s really important between these two important things? What if you’re so sleepy and at the same time you’re so hungry? You can’t blame yourself for that can you? You have a different life, everything’s opposite from normal, you don’t sleep normally, you’re mind is working at night but you can’t sleep long during the day, maybe 3 to 4 hours is good, cars passing by the house, honking their horns, it’s too loud, the city is much awake. Breakfast and lunch is at 5 in the afternoon so it’s like dinner too. Your body clock is messed up. What are you really suppose to do? Eat? Or get some sleep? I have nooo idea. As for me, I’d rather sleep with a grumbling stomach. It’s funny sometimes, I laugh at myself that while I’m sleeping or half asleep, saliva almost dripping (hahahah), I get a bite of crackers or a scoop of noodle soup and drift to sleep again with the noodles that just passed my throat. Gross? Hilarious? I have an idea though. In fact, it just came up right at this moment. It’s probably good scheduling that can work this out for the whole offshore call center world.


My call center shift is at 11 in the evening up to 8 in the morning. Right after I get home, I’ll eat some light breakfast, crackers will do perhaps? Or a banana? Milk? Milk promotes sleep. So the grumbling wouldn’t wake me up as I sleep. I think it’s always nice to sleep with a half-filled stomach. I’ll turn off all cell phones or put it in a silent mode, hang up the telephone, a dimmed room is better and some light instrumental music to cover up the city noise. So at 9:30 in the morning I should be in bed.. 9.30-5.30 is for sleep..I wake up at 5.30 in the afternoon, prepare some dinner and relax right after. Watch some news on tv or play with my pet cat, anything to make me feel relaxed.. Take a bath at 9.45 and prepare myself to work.. Right now, I’m imagining the routine, and oh, I hope I can really sleep straight that long. But it’s too impossible… Thinking of the errands that I have to do during the day? For dad, for my aunt, for my grandmother.. It’s not easy working but at least my call center in the Philippines is fun.


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