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How Philippine Call Centers Are Promoting Their Employees’ Welfare

Employee's Welfare

Employee's WelfareIn the Philippines, call centers are hailed as the sunshine industry.

For the past two decades, they have become one of the country’s important growth sectors that drive the economy, employing over 1.2 million employees according to Department of Labor and Employment. 

So why do many Filipinos choose to work in call centers? Here are six ways call center companies are looking after the employees’ welfare.

Above-industry compensation

Regularly, the government labor agency publishes minimum wage for all Filipino workers. It sets the starting pay all employers are asked to give to an entry-level worker.

Call center companies in the Philippines are consistently offering above-industry basic compensation. In the process, they provide agents a financial head-start in ensuring that they live a reasonably decent lifestyle.

Better benefits

The country’s Labor Code lists down many obligations of employers including tax, social security, health, and housing contributions for their employees.

Not only are call center companies in the Philippines doing their part on these items, but they also provide health and life insurance as part of their employee package.

In this way, agents will have fewer worries during times of illness or untimely demise, protecting them and the people they love from financial stress.

Generous incentives  

Call centers are attracting talents from the labor market through their generous incentives program.

Agents are given performance bonus and other incentives on top of their basic salary, increasing the amount of money that they take home from work.


Another way companies promote their employees’ welfare is health care. Many call centers offer free annual physical and dental exams as a means to check on the state of their overall health.

Additionally, they have also company clinics with the on-duty nurse to cater to any first-aid needs or medical concerns.

Job Security

One other great benefit is job security. As training new agents are costly, call centers tend to go out of their way to keep their best employees.

Moreover, they hire their managerial and leadership positions mostly from within the organization, rewarding successful agents with a well-defined career development path.

World-class training

Call centers boast of world-class training for English language, business communication, customer service, technical support, and leadership skills.

All of the above are very valuable business skills that allow agents to develop holistically in their line of work.

Personalized support

Call center agents are not set up for failure once they start working. They are constantly being mentored to become the best versions of themselves to succeed in their job.

For one thing, supervisors look after their employees’ welfare day in and day out.

Other support departments such as training and development, quality, and human resource departments also play important roles in their development.

Filipino employees’ welfare

Call centers doing business in the Philippines are not just providing good-paying, secure jobs to more than a million Filipino workers.

As great employers, they are also establishing great industry standards in looking after their welfare too.

They know that by taking care of their employees, their business will be taken great care of as well.

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