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Nowadays finding a job is not that easy, there is a lot of competition. You have to be at least the cream of the crop, resourceful and most specially flexible. But do you know that there is a new industry where you can land a job which does not really require you to be the cream of the crop but of course you need to be resourceful and flexible. It’s called call center and was coined as the “sunshine industry”. The Philippines call center industry paved way for thousands of jobs for Filipinos. With the huge number of unemployed people in the Philippines, Pinoy call centers uplifted and helped a lot of people in reaching their goals and dreams. It provides good pay,compensation and benefits better than other industries.


But some people have the mind set that working in a call center does not provide a career path. I firmly believed that it provides career opportunities,growth and development. I myself can attest to it. I started as an agent and in three months time I was promoted as a supervisor. I am now handling a team and I’ve been exposed to a lot of training needed for the job. I actually see myself growing with or working in the customer service field. What I loved most in this kind of industry is the freedom and self-fulfillment that it provides that can’t be matched by other companies. I would definitely recommend to everyone to work in a Filipino call center if they want to build a career and reach their dreams.

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