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5 Effective Tips You Should Implement When Phone Prospecting

Phone Prospecting


Phone Prospecting

“You don’t have to be great to start, but you have to start to be great.” Zig Ziglar once said this.

When phone prospecting, this quote should be at the top of one’s mind.

Cold-calling is a challenging feat, with both parties on a seemingly unpleasant situation. The caller may interrupt the prospect’s day, and both just want to get off the phone as soon as possible. This doesn’t have to be the case.

Listed below are the five effective tips to make you great at what you do.

1. Be a consultant.

Sure you have to be thick-skinned to be a successful prospector, but you don’t have to be the annoying one that prospects want to avoid. Rather, you can position yourself as a consultant, offering honest and helpful advice for your prospect’s situation.

This means that you have to be knowledgeable about the product or service you’re proposing so you can provide the best product that suits them. You should be able to explain it clearly and effectively to different buyer personas.

Armed with your consultative information, this may just be the confident push you need.

2. Write your goals.

Did you know that just by writing your goals, you have a 40% higher chance of achieving them?

Goal setting opens up your mind to a different level of consciousness, ideas, and productivity. Not only that, when you take the time to write down goals, you are also taking a step towards being organized.

Push this further by scheduling your day and planning out your calls, and you’re sure on your way to closing more deals. You can use Google Calendar to help notify you and your prospects about your call appointments.

3. Warm up your calls.

With social media, everyone’s connected somehow. Use this to your advantage by researching on your prospect and following them on LinkedIn or Twitter. Share their posts or favorite their tweets.

In this way, you can understand your buyer’s context more, and you can better position yourself at selling a comparable product or service.

4. Choose the brighter side.

As a telemarketer, you need to generate quality leads, and chances are, you’ll go through an extensive list of rejections before you get to your pot of gold.

Staying positive is not just a practical tip, it’s key to survival. Good vibes not only increase your motivation, but it also leads to greater sales productivity and safeguards your health.

So before you feel the urge to give up, take a breather. Most of the time, its irrational fears that keep you from being great.

Once you take hold of that receiver on a positive note, the fears dissipate. By taking action, not only do you find out how to make things better, but you also silence your inhibitions.

5. Continuously learn.

Innovations are happening all around you, and everyone is learning something new every day. Embrace the training and impartations that your higher ups give. Allow yourself to be coached and open yourself up for nuggets of wisdom. When your prospects challenge your efforts, don’t balk at them. Instead, learn different approaches.

You can make a difference. Challenge yourself every single day and keep learning new ways to motivate yourself.

Now what?

Phone prospecting is vital in any business. This is one effective way to create awareness for your products and services. Here at EB Call Center, we are always training and seeking ways to improve the quality of life for our call center agents. Connect with us through our contact page.

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