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Telemarketing Appointment Setting

Establishing an effective appointment setting and telemarketing process is a key component of a successful direct marketing campaign. While it’s possible to just pick up the phone and start “dialing for dollars”, making calls without preparation or strategy will yield poor results.

Prospects whether cold, warm or hot referrals or leads, invest their time to meet their sales professionals because they find value in what is being offered. They find value in the ability to remedy their pain and they find it through the telemarketing agent’s delivery of a well-crafted call script. In order to set a qualified appointment that can be closed in a reasonable amount of time, the appointment-setter’s attitude is crucial to success, and they must be confident, motivated and able to expose at least one of the prospect’s pain points and develop it so that the prospect acknowledges it as a real challenge that needs to be addressed, and then assure the prospect that the provider holds the answer to addressing it.

An appointment setting call script is also one of the most important tools for successful appointment setting campaign. It is a documented, rehearsed sales presentation delivered over the phone to a prospect in order to qualify them for and generate in the caller’s product or services, and whose ultimate goal is to secure an appointment for the prospect to meet with a sales professional and set the proper expectations with the prospect for this meeting. Its goal is to qualify prospects, generate interest, schedule appointments and set expectations.

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