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The Contact Center’s Guide to Creating a Positive Scripting Experience

positive scripting experience

positive scripting experience

For any business to reach greater heights, one of the main pillars they need to focus on is their customer service team.

For a customer team to become a powerhouse, however, the agents needs to have ample amount of training in positive scripting. That way, they can address their callers’ concerns without upsetting them even when they are declining the callers’ request.

Allow me to share with you three crucial points that you need to remember when creating a positive scripting for your call center agents.

1.Product availability

Occasionally, you will run into situations when your customers are keen on buying one of your products, yet you’re out of stock.

In cases like these, instead of your representatives merely telling their callers that the product isn’t available or it is out of stock, a better way of going about it is for your agents to shift the guests focus on a different product that can still address their problem.

That way, your agents are still offering solutions to their callers’ problems, needs, or wants — albeit a different one.

This kind of positive scripting will make your representative seem capable and willing to help.

2. Transferring a customer

There will be times when your representatives need to transfer their callers to either a different department or to a supervisor.

When the need arises, your agents ought to create a positive scripting experience by telling their callers that they will transfer them to a department that can best assist them with their concerns. That way, the callers will have the notion that they are about to be connected to the best person who can help them.

When you compare that with your agents telling their callers, “I can’t help you. I need to transfer you, right now.” I’m sure you can see how big of a difference the callers’ experience is going to be on that phone call.

3. Closing a conversation

Ending a conversation in a positive tone is one of the most important aspects of creating a positive scripting experience. When your agent’s conversation with their callers ends positively, it will help nourish the relationship that you’ve established with your customers.

Regardless of how the phone call went — whether the agent was able to give the caller what they need or want — the call center agent can end the phone call on a positive note by thanking the customer for calling.

Call center agents are highly discouraged to end phone calls while emphasizing how they are sorry that they couldn’t help the caller or give them what they need.

What’s next?

Creating a positive scripting experience is not an easy task; however, it is one of the best tools any contact center representative can have to influence their callers to accept the solution that they are offering, instead of the caller complaining.

Are you looking for a contact center company that is keen on using positive scripting to give your customers the best customer service experience? If you answered with a “yes,” then you can contact us using this form.

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