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Healthy Tips for Call Center Agents on the Night Shift

If you work for a call center in the Philippines, chances are that you work at least some of your shifts at night. Whether you work for an outbound call center and are a lead generation machine or at an inbound call center taking customer service calls, the following tips should help you keep it together during long graveyard shifts. The following is from a fellow call center agent in the Philippines.


1. Get Enough Sleep

This is the most important thing that call center agents usually don’t do. By not getting enough sleep, they go to work very weak and tired, sometimes falling asleep during calls. Not only will they be scolded by their supervisors, but they end up not being productive throughout the day.


2. Eat Healthier

Always have well balanced meals to give you enough energy to take calls throughout the whole shift and be enthusiastic all night. Usually skipping meals will make you dizzy and nauseated, making it hard to concentrate on your calls and unable to really understand your customers concerns. Listening attentively and having an upbeat tone with  your customers helps you be able to address their concerns properly and furthermore, keeps their attention during your pitch.


3. Drink Plenty of Fluids

Talking all the time on the phone can really dry up your throat. To protect the most important aspect of working in a call center, which is you voice, you should take in lots of fluids. Drink lots of water, juice, or iced tea. Whatever is available or whichever you prefer. Having a spill-proof tumbler is the most common thing you see at every call center agents’ desk.


4. Exercise

Being fit is very crucial in keeping your job. If you are very unhealthy, you tend to get sick often, which leads to missed days, and eventually termination.


5. Balanced Social Life

Nothing makes you more lively and excited to go to work at night in the call center than getting together again with coworkers you enjoy being with. Take time to build meaningful, professional relationships with your team.


6. Keep Habits in Check

I guess telling people not to smoke or drink coffee at work would make me a hypocrite since I myself smoke. True, drinking coffee and smoking is a big help in keeping you awake at work, but having too much is a different story. Your habits should never affect your work, period.


7. Learning to Unwind

Working is good, but working too much is not. Having fun and going out with friends keeps you healthy in ways that improve your overall sense of being, which leads to a more positive and alert attitude at work.

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