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Importance of Call Center Training

Customers will pay for good service, and equally, they will pay to avoid bad service. It costs up to five times more to get a new customer than to keep one that’s why all aspects of Philippine call center training are very important to any call center, whether it be outbound, BPO or customer service.  When it comes to providing excellent customer service, it is the agent who is depended on. Without persistent and effective training, chances are the quality of customer service a customer receives will suffer greatly.

The call center training periods are generally considered to be an investment that call centers in the Philippines make. In the week-long training session, the new hires are updated on their job profile, the use of technology that will be needed for the telemarketing project and various other details are clarified. The call center agents have to be trained in the finer aspects of the project. The training days are when the call center agents get to know the job on hand. The call center services these days need technology and various other technical aspects.

The BPO trainers work with the agents on these days and get them updated on what’s expected from them. The new telemarketing agents are taught to use the tools and equipment or software as well. However, there is more to call center training than just providing a positive experience for trainees: product knowledge and procedure guidelines. When a trainer doesn’t take the time to make sure they are effectively communicating these things, an agent certainly will not bring the right attitude or knowledge to the job function they were hired to perform.

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