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Philippine Call Center: Building a Trusting Relationship with Customers

Customer service evokes different images in people’s minds. One image could be that of friendly, smiling, helpful employees who go out of their way to serve you. Or it could be the opposite; indifferent, unfriendly employees who can’t wait for you to leave or hang up the phone. All of us are customers and we can always recall poor customer service rather than excellent service.

Poor customer service can make people feel frustrated and never to do business with that company again. On the other hand, great service feels like a gift. It makes us want to keep on coming back to that company. And that alone is the secret to business success – retaining customers by providing great customer service.

One way is to connect with your customer which is critical. In Philippine call center, this is where you establish rapport and begin a relationship with them. Connecting means you’re building trust that runs both ways. Trust is the glue that holds the business relationship together and is expressed repeatedly in your actions. This includes what you do and do not do.

Simple things are key, such as returning phone calls immediately and being consistent in your words and actions. Start by giving them your name and asking theirs. Be interested in them and what they want. Ask questions. Listen. Respond appropriately. Have a conversation with them. Be genuine. In this way, trust is an absolutely essential part of sales, as well as business in general. If trust is not present, customers will not buy.

Always act in the best interest of your customers. Doing business is the process of building a trusting relationship with people.

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