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Philippine Call Center: Conflict in Work Teams

Every call center in the Philippines has more than one agent working towards a common goal. These agents often come from a diverse background, possess different sets of capabilities and have different   approaches to achieve a given task. These differences usually result to conflicts. When individuals come together in work teams their differences in terms of power, values and attitudes, and social factors all contribute to the creation of conflict. Communication barriers include poor listening skills; insufficient sharing of information; differences in interpretation and perception; and nonverbal cues being ignored or missed.

Structural disagreements include the size of the organization, turnover rate, levels of participation, reward systems, and levels of interdependence among employees. Personal factors include things such as an individual’s self-esteem, their personal goals, values and needs. In order for conflict to be dealt with successfully, managers and team members must understand its unpredictability and its impact on individuals and the team as a whole. On the other hand, conflicts are not always negative in a way. It’s also a great opportunity for each member to speak out and share what they think could be the best for the team.

Conflict can contribute to effective problem solving and decision making by motivating people to examine a problem. Encouraging the expression of many ideas and energizing people to seek a superior solution. The key is to understand how to handle it constructively. If members understand how to do it, differences that arise can result in benefits for a team.

Having a capable team in a call center is every organization’s dream but bringing different individuals together on a common platform and ensuring that they work together as one more than just sourcing skills for an organization. Good leadership, effective communication, team building activities and personal ethics are the factors that can drive teamwork in an organization.

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