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Satisfied Vs Delighted Customers in Philippine Call Center

Call Center in the Philippines - Delighted Customers
Call Center in the Philippines - Delighted Customers

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How does a delighted customer differ from the satisfied one? Let me give you an example. A customer went to a coffee shop and ordered for a cup of cappuccino. After few minutes, her coffee was served to her table. Definitely, she expected it to be hot. Then she was satisfied. The next day, she tried to get a coffee from a famous coffee shop in their town. When she got there, she was greeted with a warmth smile by the staff. She ordered her favorite coffee and was served to her after a few minutes. But this time, she was surprised because she got a piece of cookie along with the coffee and the server also offered her newspapers and magazines. From then on, she kept on coming back to that coffee shop.

Definitely, the customer was not just satisfied but was delighted. Satisfaction is based on fulfilling the expected while delight occurs from the unexpected. Companies need to go beyond simple satisfaction to retain customers and attract new ones. This can be done in many ways and everywhere, restaurant, hotel, store or even Philippines call center. For inbound call center, there is more opportunity in exceeding customers’ expectations.

You can do this by ‘going extra mile’ and truly care for your customers. In telemarketing, be flexible in your approach. Don’t just make a sale but offer solutions in the best interest of your customer. You also have to listen to your customers and know what’s important to them. If you received complaints, respond positively and quickly and thank them for their involvement. Use this complaint as a positive thing to help you grow and improve. Keep in touch with customers and check if the products or services are good.

Delighted customers will be more loyal and a business can create create customers for life.  The key for businesses is to determine the right customer experience for a great return.

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