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Philippine Call Center: Keeping your New Year’s Resolution

Philippine Call Center
Philippine Call Center
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It is the fresh start of a new year, new chapter and a great time to reflect on the past and sketch a better future. With the coming of a brand new year, people always strive hard to have a good beginning. Every year, most of us make unique and new resolutions. We plan it well and stay determined to fulfill those resolutions.

Losing weight, getting organized, saving money and quitting smoking may be among the most popular New Year’s resolutions for Philippine call center agents. Most of us set these goals and undoubtedly break them within a few weeks of real physical and emotional torture while some do not make resolutions at all because they have never attained them. No matter how persistent a habit you’ve developed, there are ways to break those negative patterns and keep resolutions throughout the New Year.

The trick is to keep everything in perspective and focus on realistic goals with measurable results. It is also important to create bite-sized jobs for yourself that you’ll be able to accomplish because if your goal is too big, you’ll feel defeated before you even get started. Keep in mind also that action precedes motivation.

People often think that they should wait until they are motivated to start doing something good for themselves. Instead of waiting for inspiration to act on your goals, you need to take action first and inspiration will follow. Your initial action doesn’t have to be anything big. Once you initiate an action, even the smallest of actions, you pick up drive and you will realize that it becomes a lot easier to keep moving forward and to stay motivated.

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