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Philippine Call Center: Tips on How To Survive in a Call Center – 1

Working in a Philippines call center is not that easy. It’s far more different than a day job. You will experience a lot of things that a day job doesn’t have. I could attest that some call center agents are getting used to this kind of lifestyle but others also give up.  It is like surviving in a jungle but instead of spears and guns, we should arm ourselves with proper lifestyle.  Below are some tips on how to survive in a call center:


  • We all know that working night shifts is hard. Our body clock is not meant to sleep at day and be awake all night. The best thing to do is to get plenty of uninterrupted sleep during the day and avoid drinking too much coffee when your shift is almost over.


  • When you worry about mingling with your co-workers, fear not, just show them who you really are. Don’t try to pretend someone you’re not just to impress people. We must face the fact that not all people like you. Stick to the people who you think is a potential friend. In that way, you will gain friends with the right people.


  • Dress appropriately. You don’t have to wear fancy dresses and high heels, just make sure that you look good and you feel comfortable with what you’re wearing. We are all aware that call centers are packed with air condition, so when you are not used to cold temperature, don’t forget to bring a jacket to keep you warm.

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