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Philippine Call Center: Tips on How to Survive in a Call Center – 2

Here’s the rest of the tips on how to survive in a Philippine Call Center:
  • Talking for a long period of time might get you dehydrated at some point, so never forget to bring a tumbler or a mug. Drink plenty of water and always remember not to drink fluids that are too cold because it might affect your voice.
  • When eating, don’t eat large meals at one time. Try to eat small meals at often for large meals can make you sleepy. Avoid eating too much fatty foods because it will also make you sleepy. Try to eat vegetables and fruits. Always include high-fiber to your diet.  These certain foods will give you energy for you to survive in your shift.
  • Find time to exercise even once or twice a week. A thirty-minute walk is a good and most simple exercise that you could do. This will keep you healthy and in a good shape. This will also increase your stamina to help you endure staying awake on night shifts.
  • Mingle with your co-workers. When you find time to socialize with your co-workers, you will gain friends and create a friendly environment in the office.
  • Stay positive. There are days that you can’t reach your quota. Never feel despair, you can always make it up tomorrow. Just try your best next time. You must accept the fact that not every day is a lucky day for you.


These are some simple tips that can help you survive in a call center in the Philippines, as I said it’s not easy, it also needs self-discipline to do these things.

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