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Philippine Call Center: Work and Parenthood

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Before, in the typical Filipino family, only the father worked while the mother usually was the housewife and was there to take care of the children. But now it’s different, there have been remarkable changes in that picture because of the economy and people’s status in life. There are a lot of families find that they need two wage-earners in order to buy a home, pay the rent, or simply to maintain the family budget. And the worst thing about this, both parent has to leave for abroad to earn more.

Combining parenthood and work is a constant balancing act and a challenge. For Philippine call center agents, demands and expectations come at you from every direction, making it very difficult just to deal with, let alone successfully organize and prioritize your daily inbound and outbound tasks. Our children deserve our attention just as much as the organizations that pay us.  When both parents are occupied with their jobs for eight or more hours per day, there are obvious effects on the family. On the positive side, the family has an increased income and thus fewer financial stresses.

Also, when both parents work, there is a potential for greater equality in the roles of husband and wife. Depending on the nature of the parents’ work, as well as the family’s values, fathers may assume more responsibility for child care and housework than has traditionally been the case. So in order to successfully manage the challenges of being a working parent, it’s important to better plan, be more flexible and develop greater patience. You need to squeeze time out of your busy schedule to interact with your children and never be the parent that is more of a stranger at home.

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