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Philippine Call Center: Work Relationships

Philippine Call Center
Philippine Call Center
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In today’s unpredictable and challenging business environment, you have to build successful work relationships and interact with people in a positive way to achieve your organizational goals. Developing good relations with Philippine call center agents and the supervisor should be one of your top goals when you begin work. Good relationships will allow progress to be made and will make work more enjoyable, but they must be kept in balance with the work itself. Here are some rules to keep in mind.

Do not become too intimate with co-workers or the supervisor.

Becoming friendly with a co-worker is fine, as long as others are not excluded, and everyone is treated with the same respect in work-related situations. Your first consideration is to get the job done. Your second consideration is to enjoy your work.

Learn to keep emotions and feelings under control.

No matter how rude someone is to you, stay calm and don’t lose your temper. It’s helpful to explain how you feel about what they said or did. Keep your voice calm and speak clearly. Let the supervisor handle it from there. It is better to try to solve problems yourself, if possible.

Avoid gossiping about co-workers.

For example, running to the boss all of the time to tell him/her that a co­worker was on the phone or browsing facebook or a co-worker was reading a newspaper at his desk is not professional or ethical. Workers who do this are rarely trusted because they are so busy with other people’s business that they can’t tend to their own.

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