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Philippine Telemarketing: Appointment Scheduling Mistakes

From a prospects perspective, not all are willing to commit to an appointment during an outbound call. They could very well be a qualified prospect but they are not willing to schedule a face to face appointment yet.

You don’t tightly target your prospects.

Telemarketing is a great way to be productive than sitting at your desk waiting for potential customers to call. When choosing your prospect, you have to identify the characteristics of your best customers and you need to develop a profile of your ideal customers. Then search out prospects that most closely fit the profile.

You’re not sufficiently selective about the prospects with whom you meet.

It is important to find out why prospects are interested and what sparked their interests before you schedule appointments.

You don’t command control of prospect conversations.

Prospects must not only have recognized needs for your product or service but they must be willing to discuss the reasons behind the needs.

You neither establish credibility nor demonstrate expertise.

When meeting with prospects, you must not only be knowledgeable about your product or service, but also about the specific reasons people would need it, the situations that would create the need and the consequences of not appropriately addressing the needs.

You don’t ask tough questions.

To thoroughly qualify opportunities, you must be able to identify core aspects of situations, define elements at the center of controversies and discover carefully guarded information by asking tough questions.

You rush to make presentations.

The real purpose of presentation is to confirm your ability to deliver the solutions prospect are predisposed to buy. You determine it by thoroughly qualifying the opportunities.

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