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Philippine Telemarketing: Balancing Quality and Quantity of Leads

Telemarketing - quality leads
Telemarketing - quality leads
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When setting up a telemarketing plan, the first planning decision you’ll need to make is that of quantity vs. quality of leads. Whether its inbound marketing or outbound marketing there are costs associated with a lead, there are costs associated with the time and effort needed to convert that lead to an opportunity, and there are costs tied to the quality of those leads and how that impacts conversion rates.

When product price is higher, complexity of product is higher, or value per deal is concentrated in a few larger deals, the quality of leads has a direct correlation to sales efficiency and success. The valuable audience you need to market to will consist of only a few specific individuals. So it’s important to expend marketing efforts on only the correct contacts. In other words, high-touch personal marketing will always improve the quality of your leads if initially directed at the appropriate market. But such marketing is expensive on a cost-per-lead basis.

You won’t be exposed to as many people, so success depends significantly on the ability to tightly define the target audience prior to spending on them. But when the product price is relatively low, number of units sold is relatively high, and individual deal size is relatively small, large numbers of sales must be made for the business to show revenue growth. In these circumstances, your marketing goal should be a lower cost per lead, so that you maximize the number of people you reach on your fixed budget. Outbound campaign efforts can thus be relatively straightforward and minimally customized, using larger volume and lower cost-per-target programs.

Bottom line is that telemarketing needs to be flexible. As a Philippine telemarketing agent, your job is to support sales in their goal to acquire more customers and to keep your customers.

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