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Philippine Telemarketing: Developing Appointment Setting

Call Center in the Philippines - Appointment Setting
Call Center in the Philippines - Appointment Setting
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One of the many ways in which businesses can use outbound telemarketing methods is through telemarketing appointment setting. Telemarketing appointment setting is a great way to improve business development efforts, but successful telemarketing appointment setting requires extensive skills and particular techniques. It also needs to be carefully monitored and measured by the business conducting the campaigns to ensure that they are being undertaken correctly.

Qualify the Prospect.

This refers to making sure that the person you are trying to meet with is a good fit for what you are trying to sell. The best way to qualify the prospect is to ask a couple of questions during the cold call to see how they fit with what you have to offer.

Decrease Guard.

There are very clear and practical things that you can do to do this.  Two things in particular are that name drop other individuals in the organization that you are calling into and you can disqualify the prospect.

Build Rapport.

This can be challenging on a cold call as you really only have between two to five minutes to work with.  But there are some minor things we can do to build rapport like confirming they are available, disqualifying, delivering a value statement, active listening, qualifying, etc.

Build Interest.

One of the keys is to finding pain. If there is no pain, there is no reason to meet with you. Once you uncover pain, you can focus and connect to it the business value that you have to offer.

Tell, Don’t ask.

Once you have effectively built interest, you should go trying to get the appointment set. One thing to help with this is to shift from asking for the meeting to telling.

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